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Poll: Do you own a Tivo (or other DVR)?

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Just got my DVR through my local cable company about a month ago. I love it! Tape two shows at the same time while watching a third show previously taped, pause/rewind live TV (can't wait for football this fall!).


As an afterthought, wanted to ask: Are there lots of shows or features on geocaching? I've been reading these boards for about a month now and don't recall seeing any references to a show - aside from maybe some local TV news stories. What channels would these features be on? Discovery or TLC?



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I have a Panasonic Replay. Very similar to a Tivo but I didn't have to pay any subscription or monthly fees. One of the best gadgets I've ever invested in (along with my GPS V) I really like the recorded show index where you can start a show with the click of a remote and don't have to worry about finding it on a tape.



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I own a Panasonic Shostopper2000. Bought it off Ebay about 2 years ago before they required a charge of 9.95/month or a flat fee of $250 (which I feel is such a @)*(#)_*)@!#) ripoff. Without that nservice it don't work. Just charge me $450 or whatever it is and be done with it. Selling it for $250 then telling me its another $250 to use it is so scummy. And the worst part is I've had it for 18 months or so and the HD is going so now I watch shows & its all choppy-like, then it pauses for 15 seconds. AGHGHH. I'd buy a new one right now but I work for Verizon and I dont want to spend any money till we get a contract. Course that means I wont be able to buy Christmas presents at the rate we're going.


Anyway, whenever I buy a new one, it'll be another Panasonic since I dont like that TIVO documents your viewing habits. Thats my business, not theirs.






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As to the question about TV shows with concerning Geocaching: There is a show that airs every so often on the Travel Channel. It is one of those "Top 10" deals. Something about top 10 places to find treasure, I think. One of the places is a geocache somewhere in California. I haven't seen it yet, but have arranged for the Travel Channel to e-mail me in the morning the next time it is coming on.

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