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You come up with the caption.....


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1) LEFT PERSON: Mine has tint control



2) LEFT PERSON: So you also decided....

RIGHT PERSON: ...to try out the new homemade external antenna for the eTrex? Yup.


3) LEFT PERSON: All this, and I still have trouble finding micro caches in ivy.


4) LEFT PERSON: $50,000 and still accuracy to 18 feet is the best we get.


5) LEFT PERSON: Y'know, I had no idea, when I started 30 years ago, that selling seeds from that company advertising in the back of the comic books would get me such a nice prise!


6) LEFT PERSON: We'd find the fugitive....

RIGHT PERSON: ...if only they'd advertise their latitude and longitude to us.


7) LEFT PERSON: Umm... I don't think these are the babe magnets that the advertisement in "GPSr and Cacher" made them out to be...

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No, you're off by 0.0000001 degrees.

$50,000 and you think they would at least put a compass in it.

I beat a Vista and 2 other GPSr owners to the cache. Now if they would just add a radio we could blow away all the Rino owners, also.

Did yours come with the maps, also?

I got mine on Ebay for just $40,000.

If you hold the button down on the left while turning on it on, you enter the diagnostic mode.

They just released version 3.11. It adds 5000 more waypoints.

Look what happens when I lean to the left.

OK, it's your turn to hide the quarter.

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John - "These portable Satellite TV options are great!"


Bob - "Yeh...It's nice to be able to watch the races...I just wish the screen was bigger..."




Trying not too be too conspicuous John and Bob decided that the cache is hidden near the shed.


John...Are they looking at us?

Bob...No, I don't think they see us.

John...Wait until those guys leave.

Bob...No I think I can go around the building and get to it.

John...I'll stay here, so we don't look too suspicious.


[This message was edited by The Geo Chasers on February 12, 2003 at 07:27 AM.]

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Miles: "I've lost the bleeps, I've lost the sweeps, and I've lost the creeps."

Bubba and Zhanna: "The what?" "The what?" "And the what?"

Miles: "You know... the bleeps..... the sweeps.... and the creeps."

Zhanna: "That's not all he's lost."


"Radar repaired, Sir. We're picking up the outline of a ... Winnebago."


"Out of order? Even in the future nothing works!"


(my apologies to Mel Brooks)



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