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I noticed that several caches on NPS land were removed by the Park Service citing Title 36, Section 2.22; Leaving property unattended for a period longer than 24 hours is a violation. Now I don't want to make the NPS my enemy as we are neighbors, but could the law be circumvented by checking the cache daily? I'ts probably not practical so virtual caching on NPS land may be the only solution.

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The park service already grants waivers and exceptions to the specific rule cited. There is also some case law concerning 'abandoned property' on NPS land (ex. equestrian facilities at Yosemite NP).


But, the bottom line isn't circumventing a specific regulation. In fact, attempting to do so may be counter productive. The NPS has considerable latitude in controlling specific activities on managed land. Hair splitting may just cause more regulation and a backlash that spreads to other agencies (ex. NFS, BLM, etc.)


The most realistic approach is advocacy. A good example would be climbing's Access Fund. Then educate and negotiate with the NPS for a reasonable caching policy on some NPS land.



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You could try to ask for permission. It is possible and has been done successfully. It is the not asking for permission that causes them to be upset and then they remove it. The worst thing that can happen is they will say no, and I bet they would appreciate you asking instead of just doing it without their blessing. Just make sure you know exactly where you want to put it before you ask, make sure you can convey why the location would be acceptable for a Geocache, describe the potential impact to the area (or lack of impact), and then you will sound prepared and more credible.


I support the Georgia Geocachers Association, or the GGA!

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