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Creepy, interesting or just sad?

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I came across this cairn while out caching and doing some misc. 4-wheeling. It's a memorial for Karen Tellez, a hiker who was separated from her friends in 1997 and succumbed to the elements during a very heavy El Niño storm. (Google is your friend).






The thing that's kind of spooky about this is that the cairn is about the right size to actually be a grave. I wasn't sure if it was until I got home and found out the story of Ms. Tellez and realized that given the circumstances, it was extremely unlikely that she was buried there.


Would it be in bad taste for me to put a cache nearby, in her honor?



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I don't see how placing a cache close by would be any different than the many I've found in or next to grave yards. I'd stick it somewhere up in that huge tree in the background of the bottom picture.


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I agree that it is no different from a graveyard cache. I found one recently in Chicago (just before attending the NLCS game 7, maybe I shouldn't have been to a graveyard first). I figure that the Chicago cache I found was interesting and not at all disrespectful. I say do it and give the history on the cache page. If someone puts a cache by my grave (or death place) someday, I know that I would be really honored!


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I thought it'd be alright, but my judgement can be off with these kinds of things. Thanks for all the input. I'll bump this thread back up when I get a cache placed up there.



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We have a couple of graveyard caches around our area. They're tastefully done, and I think that a thoughtful cache description would put it in the right light.


We were recently on the east side of the Sierra and stummbled across something similar, but there was no last name on the marker. I hadn't a clue as to what or who it could be for (a family pet for all I know), but the thought did cross my mind that it would've made an interesting cache site (other than I live a few hundred miles away).


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We've done several caches in actual graveyards. I think they are cool cause they show that last bit of creativity for people’s memory, usually all that's easily accessible by others.


Putting a cache near a memorial like this seems quite respectful to me; matter of fact one you might want to look over would be Brown's Mountain Cache (GC7A30) in NW PA.


The cache itself is a few yards away from the memorial, a place my wife had never seen (or knew of) even though she lived within a few miles of it for 20+ years.


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I would do an offset cache. Give the coords for the site and use the numbers in the date or something to lead to the actual cache nearby.


That is what I did with Roadside memorial. I did not want to place a cache at the actual site out of respect. The actual cache is about 1000 feet away from the memorial.



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As long as you show respect for the deceased, I see no reason not to use it as an offset. If virturals were still allowed, please no responses regarding this statement, it is fact not a what if, then it would make a great virtural. I spent 15 years of my life living across the street from a cemetary, there is nothing bad or disrespectful of the deceased of using their final resting place. IMHO, I think that they would appreciate the rememberance of their name. Remember, the fact that Western society places markers, is a reason to remember. Please just do it tactfully. As a sign of good will to the family and friends of the deceased, I would ask that any cache seekers to not search out the cache on the day of death. More than likely the family and friends would be honoring the deceased on that day and possibly the birthday of the deceased.


Just some thoughts on keeping the resting place/memorial marker sacred and honorable to all.


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