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Geo-Puppies and Geo-Gear


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I have run into a number of cachers that take their dogs into the field with them whenever possible, and I'm one of them. I'd love to see Groundspeak produce some gear for them--maybe some Geo-dogtags? or a Groundspeak leash?


Are there any other owners of geo-dogs out there, that would like to have such gear?




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11:19 AM, Pacific Time: Leprechaun envisions carleenp in a black collar and leash, and swoons.


11:20 AM, Pacific Time: Leprechaun realizes that carleenp meant to say she would purchase these items for her *dog*.



Next time, instead of getting married, I think I'll just find a woman I don't like and buy her a house.

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Originally posted by Thack Pack:

My dog sports a metal bone collar tag with his name, our home phone number, and coords for the house. I made it at one of the tag vending machines you can find inside Petsmart or Walmart. It cost me all of $5.00.

Now that is cool. I think I will me one for me, just in case I pass out somewhere...



...Be nice to your fellow geocachers, they might be Hemlock...

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I'd buy something like this, but only if it were tasteful. I wouldn't buy a leash with the geocaching logo repeated on it thousands of times. But maybe one with the logo once and "www.geocaching.com" going down in normal sized letters.



Extra batteries for GPS, don't leave home without 'em.

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