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rapelling cache

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I wont go to idaho for it, but if I'm ever there I certainly would do it


I am planning one like that myself. I have some concerns:


1. Where I intend to put mine, I already have one within .1 mile and will need an exception to rule or I might make it a multi off the other (general access) cache


2. I am concerned about possible liability that might fall (no pun intended) on me. - Oh, OK so I DID intend a pun! icon_wink.gif


3. how to place it so that it cannot be easily dropped.


4. How to sign the book while stopped on rappell. I know how, but I wonder if I can trust others not to get killed signing the book. Possibly I Might place a micro with a colored spot or a number that the finder would report to log the cache so they would not have to take their hands off the rope.


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Originally posted by scoobydo:

How many people within a 200 mile radius of pocatello idaho would attempt to find a cache that required rapelling 50' down 100' cliff?


i don't want to waste my time with such a cache if no one will try to find it.


I would, when I eventually head into that area. There's still plenty locally and to the west of Missoula...



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you are not responsible for other cachers or rapellers. if someone trips and falls while trying to find a 1/1 cache, are you liable? the harder you make a cache, the more whiners you get, but that's just to dadgum bad. i say make the cache as challenging as possible, make it fun and doable, but challenging.


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I would if it was local to me.


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I would definitely go for it if it was local. I myself am planning one that requires rapelling--just haven't gotten around to doing it. Of course there's a warning on the cache page that frees the cache owner from any liability in the event of accidental falling or major injury.


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"How many people within a 200 mile radius of pocatello idaho would attempt to find a cache that required rapelling 50' down 100' cliff?"


Um, what do they do about the other 50 feet?



But seriously, although I personally agree with scooby in theory, I'm not confident enough about the liability factor that I would list such a cache.


Certain individuals will end up trying things they can't do because they want that extra cache and assume that if they could do the last hundred caches, then they should be able to do this one.


Just my 2 cents

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Not me.


How many geocaching rapellers do you know? That's your potential finders. Plus a few who would learn just to get the cache off their list.


However take that with a grain of salt. I knew the Zoo cache was going to cause some cachers to be take back because of the fee. But I placed it anyway.


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