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Totally Disgusted (NOT FOR THE KIDS)

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Originally posted by Nude Cacher:

There is no research that shows that children are harmed by exposure to nudity. In fact, exactly the opposite is true. According to a definitive 18 year long study, children exposed to nudity had delayed onset of adolescent sex and less adolescent sex. Boys were less likely to steal or use drugs. The study was done by the UCLA Family Lifestyles Project in the Department of Psychology at UCLA (complete citation: "Early Childhood Exposure ..." by Paul Okami Ph.D., et al. in Archives of Sexual Behavior Vol. 27, No. 4, 1998, pp. 361-384).


I seem to remember growing up that it was the children raised under the most strict religious standards which were the ones with the drinking problems and having sex indescriminantly.


Any studies on children who attend religious camps?



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Haw Haw!


My thoughts on the "Nudecacher":


1.) It's hilarious

2.) You guys need to relax. This is an informal game and weird/offensive stuff like this makes it interesting (kinda like life). Personally, I like adult humor/danger/fun stuff/etc. and think that this game was a lot more fun when there were less rules and opinions.

3.) I think the "Nudecacher" should place a cache in a nude camp/area so that cache seekers would have to be naked to hunt. That would definitely be a one-of-a-kind cache.

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I haven't read all the logs, but read enough to get the general idea of what the fuss is all about.


Personally, I don't want naked pics in logs for my caches. HOWEVER -- it does bring a few points to mind. I did NOT see the pics in question (thank you, Jeremey! LOL), so that being said...:


1. The problem with most nudists is that they're people you wouldn't WANT to see nude.


2. This brings a great practical joke to mind. Pissed at your kids? Take their inheritance and buy a condo in a "Seniors Only" nudist colony, with a clause they can't sell it.




Joel (joefrog)


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1.) It's hilarious.


I agree


2.) You guys need to relax.


I also agree.


3.) I think the "Nudecacher" should place a cache in a nude camp/area so that cache seekers would have to be naked to hunt.


Umm. I think thats a funny concept, but wouldnt be funny if executed. Why am I suddenly agreeing with you? maybe its because this has been blown out of proportion. Granted I didnt see the pictures, but it sounds like a lot of hubbub about nothing.


Is it illegal? probably?

is it harmful? most likely not.

do I understand why some people are offended? absolutely

do I understand why this thread has grown to 3 pages? not really. well, actually yes, but I dont agree. whatever

was jeremy justified to delete the picture? absolutely. I actually appreciate his stepping in

Was he promoting a position (sorry cant think of the right word, and I like the pun) I dont think so. He caches nude. Or he strips naked when he finds the cache to appear as if hes caching nude. BFD. Odd, but BFD.

do we need to go on & on about this? ummm...NO.






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This is freaking hilarious. Nude caching - I didn't read all the logs on here but - too funny. I have about 600 puns, jokes and whatnot ready to launch but I will keep them to myself. I won't even go into the gigantic snake I saw last week - I don't think it was nudecacher!


F--- the establishment!

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