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Geocachers Creed

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In the OC forums the subject came up of a geocachers creed. Something like a code of honor that geocachers could follow. If they subscribed to its tenants they could put a logo on their cache page, profile, or even signature line (on sites that still allow one).


This seemed like a good idea so I thought I’d bounce it here in the GC forums for the wolves to chew on. My thoughts on it are that such a creed would be separate from any geocache listing site and might be slightly different in other countries. Lastly while a site could give the thumbs up to a creed it’s the goecaching community who should be the driving force behind it. Tread Lightly for off-road clubs comes to mind.


Here is my stab at a quasi humorous one, based on real world observations. It’s not what you want at all, but it gets the idea across.


1) Bushwack in.

2) Take the trail out.

3) It’s better to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

4) Move, Move, Move the cache, gently down the way.

5) Leave the container open while you sign the logbook, in the rain.

6) Be sure to trade the cache down. The next guy may be poorer than you and will appreciate your hard work in making it easier for him to trade evenly.

7) Don’t leave religious tracts. AOL CD’s are much better and more plentiful.

8) Always make the cache easier to find than you found it. This helps muggles discover the hobby.

9) Mark the path in with surveyors tape. You are a pathfinder nobody else can use that handy pointer on their GPS.

10) Don’t be prepared, it’s much more of an adventure that way.

11) Use the code for a lame cache. “TNLNSL” or “Clamdip at midnight, in the rain”.

12) If you have to chose between placing and maintaining, place.

13) Blah, blah, yada, yada.

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LOL good list,


On a serious note, you asked who would enforce it?


I think if you really want a creed/code of ethics/honor etc.. then the best thing would be to get geocaching associations on board.


It's one of the things I've thought over for when I talk to another cacher locally in the next week about SOGA (Sothern Ontario Geocaching Association...not existing but hey we have a nice logo and some ideas to start)


I'm trying to convince him to be president for the first year since I know I have more time to sparsly plan with him than lead, and one of the areas we need to discuss is what kind of role the association could or should have.


Maybe some of the others in existing associations could express their view points.


In one light I think its hard to actually enforce and in the other there will be people saying again its another layer...get rid of it.


Anyway its yet another suggestion good or bad to be discussed.




Bear & Ducky

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14. Keep the cache owner engaged in the care of their cache. Mark the cache as 'Needs to be Archived" and post that it is near railroad tracks, on federal property, plundered, etc. The more things you can list, the more time the cache owner will have to be spend proving their cache is 'legal'. Everybody needs a excuse to check their caches, help'em out!

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24) Gladware makes excellent cache containers, especially in places with extreme temperature changes.


25) "Travel" in the phrase "Travel Bug" is a misprint--if you find one, you're supposed to hold on to it for 8 months and then bring it to an event cache so 50 people can all log it at once.


"There comes a time in every rightfully constructed boy's life when he gets an urge to seek for buried treasure"--Mark Twain

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26. If at all possible never hide a micro where some one can discretely get at it. Make sure they need to grope around in the dark on a ladder in the middle of a busy intersection in wads of used gum.

If hiding a Traditional, make sure it's in a bush near an airport, in front of a large office building, or near a police station so plenty of civic minded people can see geocachers come and go acting all furtive while messing with small boxes.


They say this universe is bound to blow,

I say we crank up the Calypso Control!

~Jimmy Buffett


~Someday I Will~

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29. Never log travel bugs out of a cache when you take them. The bug icon will encourage future visitors to the cache, and imagine the bug owner's delighted surprise when their bug turns up in a cache hundreds of miles away.



"Thos' Degrees of Longitude and Latitude in Name, yet in Earthly reality are they Channels mark'd for the transport of some unseen Influence, one carefully assembl'd chain…"

– Thomas Pynchon, Mason & Dixon

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33.5 When crossing the border to go Geocaching, don't look the customs agent in the eye. When asked your intentions, say, "not sure". When asked your Citizenship say "Taliban" or similar.


34. If you see a bear while geocaching, turn and run away. Pretend you have a limp.


35. Intentionally left blank for future additions.


Every hour spent Geocaching is added to the end of your life.

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