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hmmm... what about this...

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I was just wondering if anyone out there has made a cache out of a person. Like you had to go out and find that person. My friend says that she has heard of a such thing... i think its rumors, and plus its not a stationary thing, so it would not be allowd or is it??? Thx icon_eek.gif

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Do you mean tying to a person to a tree in the woods and then posting the coordinates on the web-site? I think that would be way cool as long as the person tied up is in on it. Otherwise it may be a crime or something.



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Yes, such a Cache does exist, but has been temporarily archived due to Fire and Tanker Crash.

I should know I'm the person that they have to find! It's part of 3 separate caches all rolled into one fun filled experience:

1. Event Cache GC6956 (Find Me)

2. Do the Virtual Cache GC64BC

3. Climb the big hill and do the real Cache GC1FO8



The "Bushwhacker"


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