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Sites for Aerial photography?


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I seem to be having a difficult time accomplishing a seemingly simple task. I'm looking to take coordinates (longitude and latitude) and plot them on an arial/satellite image. When I first purchased my GPS III+, I clearly remember finding a webpage or program that allowed me to do this, and actually landed a dot almost exactly on the spot where my car was parked. After searching online for over an hour, I'm unable to find anything that gives me this accuracy. Terraserver comes the closest, but doesn't make it clear where the actual point that I'm looking at is in relation to the map (it's typically not centered.) topozone.com is _great_ in terms of accuracy, but doesn't have links to aerial/satellite imagery, although I _swear_ that when I was on their site about a month or so ago, they did.


Please reassure me I'm not losing my mind! Thank you. icon_smile.gif



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