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Driving Directions


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I must be dense . . .


One used to be able to go to Mapblast and enter two sets of coordinates and create driving directions between them.


I do not see that feature any longer.


A search here has proven unsuccessful. If anyone can point me to a site where one can accomplish this, I would be appreciative.





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Ooops. They don't do coordinate stuff there anymore. Used to, but that was a while back.




I use Delorme Topo USA for this, so I'm of no help here.


Please disregard this blithering idiot.


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You're right, Mapblast used to. There was some kind of dispute between the third party provider that gave them coordinate information, and the legal departments decided to eliminate the coordinate references.


I searched long and hard for an online solution, but got nowhere. I have since purchased MS Streets and Trips, and have fallen in love. With the pocket query loc files and Geobuddy I can map the caches in my area (color coded by found, unfound and mine) and the geodashes and get driving directions. Way cool.


You can also hover the mouse over the map and get the location. It's a lot more interactive and "live" than doing something online. Although I still use lostoutdoors.com for the topos and satellite photos.



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