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Geocaching Shirt!

Guest Dino

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Guest WrongWay

Hey, I went to the order site and selected XL then went to checkout. I got a dialog that said that size is not an option. Went back to the order page and sure enough, there was only M and L...the XL was off the menu...What's up with that ?


Also, place the order and have been watching them travel across the country via UPS. UPS showed them here (PHX) at 01:30 AM on 08 Feb...today it shows them back in Redmond WA ? Ha ! now that's one GEO shirt...

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I wanted a GC shirt too icon_frown.gif


but alas they only seem to make them for the wee folk not us big guys so I'll have to forgo the pleasure.


Be nice to see 3XL or 4XL as options sometimes.

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I added 2XL and 3XL in the second run. Just needed to be able to pay for them first. They'll be just a little bit more than the others, since the manufacturing process costs more.



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Guest leaper64


how was the overall response to the first t-shirt run? i was wondering if you would be adding adult small t-shirts to the spectrum anytime soon? i would love to get one for my son sometime soon.


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Well, I bought 2 shirts! I think they are great...

Jeremy obviously puts a lot of work into this site, so it's nice to see some money being generated (hopefully!).

Thanks for your work Jeremy.... and everyone, BUY A SHIRT!

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Guest nekosoft

The shirts are quite nice indeed!

An added bonus is that when I wear one, and I tell people that I'm looking for a geocache and they ask me how much cash I'm talking about I can just show them the correct spelling of the word.



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