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New cache: Are these instructions too complicated?

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I hid a cache last week and have finally gotten it posted (GC6391). While I'm waiting for it to be approved, I thought I'd ask the membership for your opinions about the instructions I gave. Sorry, but for the time being nonmembers will not be able to view it. I've initially identified it as a Members Only Cache as an incentive and reward, but I plan to open it up for everyone after 1 month.


Anyway, the cache is a 3-stage offset cache that requires some simple math to progress to the 2nd and final waypoints. I wanted to use information available only at the waypoints, so while the math is simple (only addition, subtraction, and multiplication), I'm not sure I've explained the required steps clearly.


For those willing to test it, assuming the NAME is "Charles" and the DATE is 4/16/1861 (not the actual name/date), do you arrive at the lat/lon decimal minute values of 792/821 for waypoint #2 and 829/876 for the cache location?







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Originally posted by st_richardson:

I guess I'll need to see the cache instructions for it to make since to me. Post a msg here after the cache is approved.

I'm sorry; I thought you would be able to view it by just entering the cache waypoint GC6391 in the "Hide and Seek a cache" screen. I didn't realize it had to be approved first. Can you view it by clicking here (assuming you are logged in)?



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I think it sounds pretty fun worldtraveler. I would leave it and see how it goes. If people have trouble offer help. The only problem I see is this. I have a cache in Hawaii also...but I don't live there, I have an adopted parent. What I have noticed about my cache is that most people that do it are vacationers. They seem to enjoy the simple vacation type caches where you show them a great location. If they can't find it, most would have to wait till they got home to their computer to get help. Do you have a lot of local cachers you suspect will do this one? I think you explained the instructions very well.


"Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life."

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I created this one more as a "thank you" to the locals. I noticed that several caches on the Big Island were created by 8th grade students as an extra credit project. I found one of the caches and wanted to give the students something to search for that would require using at least a little of what they're being taught in school. I also wanted to make it difficult enough that the casual cache plunderer (if the island has any) would consider it too much trouble to go after.


I was also thinking about vacationers when I selected the location; it's close to the airport and within walking distance of the hotels they would most likely use in Hilo. And the "Attention" note at the beginning was added in hopes that they wouldn't just download the coords without reading the description.


Thanks for reviewing it.


Sorry, JamieZ, but it's in Hawaii. I'm still working on the multi for the Memphis area, but I can't seem to get much time there. It WILL happen, though.



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