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Cache in National Park loophole?

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I spoke with a person in charge of resources at one of my local national parks about placing a cache there. He had heard of geocaching, but fortunately, had not formed any opinions as of yet. He seemed to think that a virtual cache that wasn't MOC, and didn't take anyone offtrail would not only be acceptable, but beneficial. He mentioned that it might bring visitors to the park, and stated that that was a desireable outcome. He also said he would have to consult with his superiors before giving me the go-ahead, and he would require a copy of the cache page as it would appear on this site. My question is, should I go ahead and make the multi-stage virt and submit it, or try to convince them to let me hide a logbook in their visitor's center before tying to submit a virt that may or may not be approved. Another question is if I do get permission to place a logbook in the visitors center, will it get rejected by GC on the grounds it is a physical in a National Park?



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Here's how I would handle it:

  • Go ahead and set up a cache page just like you already have permission including accurate coords, pics, and everything you will include in the final.

  • In big red letters at the top of the page put "CACHE NOT PHYSICALLY PLACED - PENDING APPROVAL."

  • In a note, put your park contact and their information.

  • Submit and immediately contact your area approver via email and further explain the situation. If you feel confortable with it include your phone number or IM IDs.

  • Maybe in the cache title put ATTN: (your approver's name in caps)


IMHO, this is not a sitituation like placing a cache on a live train track. The policy is not to place on NP lands because it's the NP's policy, not really ours. We'd love to be able to get into National Parks.


It could be a lot of work for nothing, but if it works, it'd be well worth it!


Hope this helps and good luck!





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There are currently 2 caches in Grand Canyon National Park that utilize an existing visitor's center 'guest book' as a log-only cache. I think for both, you need to mention 'geocaching' when you sign. I don't know if these were 'grandfathered', but I'm sure if you work something similar out with a park rep, and put a note to the approver, it'd probably be accepted.


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Yup. Night Stalker did a cache and waited for the offical approval and some other person placed a virtual there without permission in the interim.


They then demanded that the cache with permission be archived once it was finally approved. Their wish was granted and we are trying (with very little luck) to get the cache with permisison reinstated.


This is all within a national park.


Cache pre-approval is important to prevent someone who can't seem to get it throug their thick skull that permission trumps speed and that both caches could co-exist.



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Obviously, I'd prefer to get the logbook in there if I can. The only reason it would wind up virtual is if the park won't work with me on a logbook. I guess I'll just go out there, collect the coordinates of the different stops, and try to have it approved as a logbook cache. The guy I spoke to was friendly, and it seemed like he was willing to work with me to get it passed by his superiors. I just hope it doesn't have to go too high up before someone makes a real decision.



"Searching with my good eye closed"

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