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I had an idea.....


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Okay.. well since you guys have all been so wonderful ..what with the gps etc... I have been putting some serious thought into hiding an "uber" cool cache with some very nice stuff in it... what I was thinking of doing was putting say 10 or so cool wrapped and numbered (from 1-10 etc) and the items would be taken out in order of who came to the cache first... first find gets number 1.. and so on down the line...


I guess it is a two-part question... 1) how well do you think this would go over with the geocache people... and 2) Do you think that people would enjoy that kind of cache hunt...?


Having said that.. I am aware that I am just getting started...but this will take some planning and I wanted to know if the idea in general was a good one before I put in the time and money to set it up...


Lysa icon_biggrin.gif


Si judicas... Cognosce

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How about giving me 3 days notice before posting that cache. Well, how about 2 days then.

I do live a far piece, and my ol'mule is kinda slow these days.

Sounds like a great idea. Go for it.

Women are so creative, GEESH !


I have flouted the wild, I have followed its lure, fearless. familar, alone; yet the wild must win, and a day will come when I shall be overthrown. By: Robert Service

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I like the ideal. I think by not telling what is in the wraps and letting the cacher tell what it was when they log it would be a good ideal. Might seal them up as for others cannot see what is in them. I hope some idiot doesn't come along and take them all or open them all up and take what they want instead of what was next in line.


Still I think it would be worth the try.


Go for it.


Cache On!

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lol I have a sub-section to my idea after reading the Plundered cache section.... I will go out on a limb and assume that most people who are techy enough to have gps's also probably have a cell phone.... I was thinking of putting a combination lock on the *container* and when people find it they would have to call to get the combination... Of course...I would leave it on the answering machine or something for if I wasn't at home... or if someone has a better suggestion.. that would mean We would know exactly who was there and when,... So many ideas..I may make it a members only cache too... lol any suggestions are welcome though icon_biggrin.gif


Si judicas... Cognosce

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Lysa, Sounds like a very good idea! We've thought about using a combination box for a cache ourselves. The combination has 3 #'s. So we thought we might hide 3 micro caches, each containing a # to the combination and the coordinates for the next cache, with the 3rd one being the last # to the combination and the coordinates to the actual cache. We think a little variety in the game makes it that much more the fun! Since we're new at this, it's probably already been tried. Would appreciate comments.

Happy Hunting! weRlostNDwoods

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I don't have a cellphone (yet.) How about making it a multi with the combination at the first location?

Yeah, I know, I'm several hundred miles away from you and probably won't make it to your cache anyway.

Great idea, though. I'd try it up here, but you know how good guys are at wrapping gifts. Mine end up looking like a wad of paper with tape around it.




Today's date would be easier to remember if they didn't change it every day.



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Lysa, location is so important. Can make the difference in a so-so cache and a special one. I am sure that you would like your cache to be special. Better than the rest. More apprecciated. Talked about. So I want to propose a location to you that would make your cache fit the criteria above. I think if the cache was placed in southeastern Michigan it would do exactly what you are requesting. And if it is close enough to my home, I will take care of it for you.

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LoL!!! while I totally appreciate the offer.. I think I would like my very first cache to be somewhere I can take care of it myself...


I do like the multi idea with the different parts of the combination along the way... And after talking it over with my husband... we think we will sign up for membership and make it a members-only cache when we are ready to do this... Hopefully that will eliminate any cache plundering by people who like to do that sort of thing and aren't in it for the fun of the sport icon_biggrin.gif


Si judicas... Cognosce

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