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Report your GPSr Christmas Presents here...

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What did you FIND or HIDE under the Christmas tree? icon_smile.gif


If you gave or received a GPSr for Christmas, please note its make and model here.


I'm giving Patch (my better half) a Garmin GPSmap 76S.

(She dosent need auto-routung, she knows how to get from here to there. Me, I need my V because I get lost crossing the street. icon_wink.gif )



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I placed a few envelopes on the tree containing coordinates to packages hidden in the back yard. They each contained lights for night caching for the Bratpack. I already gave LS7673 his a few nights ago while hunting a cache at night. I did get a large tin of popcorn. I better start eating it now if I want to use it for a cache.


"I can't find the longitude for the North Pole"

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Merry Christmas All ..Santa was very generous this year....He brought me a 12v power cable and handle bar mount for my mag 315...New Suunto compass...and a whole lot of cache goodies...Ye ha and best wishes....


"Do a cache, haul out some trash, one piece at time, we'll get the world clean, in no time"....

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Got my first GPS reciever ever. A Magellan 315. Been using it already quite a bit today. Works real well, pretty darn accurate so far, locks on very quickly and have had no problems at all so far. I also am getting those strong engineering screen covers for christmas but they didn't arrive in time to get under the tree today. Same with a carrying case, either the ultimate one or a camo one off of basspro-shops.com. Not sure, person just said it was either of those but it still hasn't arrived.

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My Geocaching Items:

  • Garmin Legend GPSr

Garmin Protective Case

12v Power Cable

Brunton Compass

Lightweight Jacket


I have already picked/downloaded/ready to find a few local caches and benchmarks. I can't wait until this weekend. icon_biggrin.gif


A Hunting We will Go!


Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.


[This message was edited by GeoNutz on December 25, 2002 at 10:08 PM.]

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Ma Bell and I got Chameleon a meridian gps. Turns out it's way better than her 330 map, so I think she is confiscating his Christmas present. Bad Mommy...


The mother in law bought me some more of my signature pins. If anyone is interested in a real cheap source to buy pins and patches go here:




Pins and patches are $1.50 each. No set up fee. No minimum order. And real cheap shipping.


My Avatar is the pin she did up for me.




"Boredom is the state of one's mind"


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GeoGranny got me a St. John's first aid kit that attaches to your belt. After slicing myself earlier this year on Binthair's "Damit" cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=18230 , it will come in handy. St. John's has a great site for kits and stuff, check it out.





P.S. I still have scars from doing "Damit"


"Blood is thicker than water.......Unless the water is frozen!"

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I got one of those fancy color-screened digital phones with the GPS ability when using 911. I read a couple other posts in the forums about it - and from what I gathered, it isn't true GPS... but some sort of GPS-ish locating system using the communications towers/satellites, rather than the GPS system.


Hope someone comes out with a program to allow usage as a simple location indicator. I don't need tracks, maps, and all that crap - but it'd be awesome if it would give lat/lon location if you wanna hide a cache on a spur of the moment and don't have your 'good' gps with ya. icon_smile.gif



The Toe Pages
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