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Favorite GeoCaching Cities


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What are your top GeoCaching Cities and why? My top 3 right now are: 1. Corvallis Oregon - lost of traditional caches in beautiful locations all within a 10 mile range. 2. Anchorage, Alaska - again beautiful trailes and parks, and where else can you run into a moose while geocaching. 3. Englewood/Cherry Creek (Denver), Colorado - Great night caching along beautiful urban green space trails. Mix of traditional and micro. What are yours?

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Sure, every GeoCacher likes to be out and away, but I don't want to sound "elitist". If I'm on a business trip, I'm not going to have time to do a "true" cache. So I like cities that make you feel like you are "out there" when you aren't. It's better than sitting in the hotel room flipping the channels. So, let's get past the "purism" and give me those favorite cities to be in and around.

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So far, Kansas City and St. Louis. KC has a lot of caches in busy spots, neighborhood parks (which is a challenge in itself), and some truly quiet spots. St. Louis has similar characteristics. Both cities have a lot of history (Western Expansion), and Geocachers have done a good job at incorporating some of that history into Geocaching.


Geocaching in the country is fine, but we usually prefer more urban caching settings.

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I love caching "in" my home city of Bend, Oregon. The variety of terrain available within 30-60 minutes of the city is amazing. High desert, canyons, lakes, high mountains, forest, caves, nuclear wasteland, etc.


My only complaint is that its now dark before I leave work. icon_frown.gif IMHO, the non-city caches here aren't a good idea in the dark. Then again, I'm no logscaler icon_smile.gif


PS. Logscaler, when is that cool night-only pipe cache going in?? icon_biggrin.gif

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I love Northern Michigan. There is different weather all year round. Nothing but woods, fields, and lakes. Of course there are better places. But I have a deep love for all what it has to offer.


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I second the post for Northern Michigan, especially the traverse City area. We have at least 30 caches here, mostly traditionals, plus some micros, virtuals, and puzzles caches. I know that quite a few people do a cacheing weekend up here from the downstate area (Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing). It is a great place to live!


My other favorite areas were Monterey CA, and San Franciso CA.


Will cache for food.

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Last summer I had to stay in Indy for about a week (my father was in the hospital down there). Between visiting hours I was able to get out and do some caching.


I was very impressed with Indy. It'd been about 15 years since I'd been there. Lot's of great caches and beautiful places to see. My favorite was James Whitcomb Riley's grave.


Jolly R. Blackburn


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