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how long before you were hooked?

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I read about geocaching.com in the "This is True" newsletter (www.thisistrue.com) where the webmaster mentioned that his "Get out of Hell Free" cards were popular items to leave in geocaches. One visit to this site and then it was on to GPS shopping. My Garmin V arrives on Monday. My daughter and I have already logged our first cache even without a GPS unit. You really do just need to follow the clues and think, "where would I hide something?" This will be a great outdoor activity for me and my 8 yr old who loves "treasure hunting".

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I bought a second hand gps unit and since there was no manual i was looking on the web for some information on GPS and GPS units..


After a few sites i came to the website of well known geocacher "Markwell" from that site i first read about Geocaching..


After reading some cache pages and the log's in it.. I looked up if there were any Caches in the area i live in..


Took me a few hours of reading logs and cache pages before i got hooked



N12º 55.475

E100º 52.865

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I was hooked as soon as my mom took me along with her. I knew I had to have a gps of my very own, so I ordered one. Had to wait FOREVER for it to arrive and have been loving geocaching ever since. Now, if only I could get my husband to enjoy it...

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I am still not totally hooked enough around my area to be totally hooked). But I look at the cache page before I go out of town to see if there is any near my destination. I stumbled on the web site a few years ago (I think it was that long ago) when I was looking for games that you could put in a GPS (like Tetris or any thing). I did a quick search, and found that there were no caches for hundreds of miles around me. I forgot about this page until clayjar posted a review about the meridian (I had one on order at the time, but I wanted to know allot about it).


Wyatt W.


The probability of someone watching you is directly proportional to the stupidity of your actions.

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