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I am a member of THE MARYLAND GEOCACHING SOCIETY (www.mdgps.net) a group whom share common interest in geocaching and work to promote the sport throughout Maryland and neighboring states. We have undertaken a process to work with public park officials to explain to them what geocaching is and to listen to the park people concerning their fears and apprehensions, which they may have about geocaching. It is our goal to foster understanding and secure permission to hide caches on their park facilities. We will continue to double efforts in this regard and it is our hope that through meeting and presentation that all park officials in the state of Maryland will greet all cachers with open arms.

Members of our society have just completed placing a series of micro-caches along the Patuxent river water shed in Howard County Maryland (zip 21045). The area is known as the Patuxent Branch Trail and it is bike friendly. The degree of difficulty for these micro-caches may run from two stars up to extreme caching, hanging from limbs over an ice choked river.

If your travel may bring you to the Baltimore/ Washington area (the micro-trail is not far from BWI) and you would like to learn more about Maryland caching contact us through our Web site (www.mdgps.net) and we will be happy to help in any way we can.



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I too am a member of the MGS and I can tell you first hand that this club has done some wonderful things for the sport and the geocachers of Maryland. Our website @ www.mdgps.net is the biggest help to new & old cachers. Why you might ask? Well it's because it is loaded with information. Such as parks, contacts, events, stats, meetings, trips/camping, geocaching links, how to find/hide, guidelines, etc..It also offers articles, journals, mailboxes & address books, downloads, forums, chat, caches by counties, weather and so much more. But the best things in the club are the members. The friendships are an on going process.

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We just started caching last month and recently attended the Maryland Geocaching Societys January Meeting. This group has and is doing great things for the hobby in our state. Mainly they are a portal for geocachers and the State Park Service to interface and compromise to keep the sport healthy, viable, growing, and legal. I visit thier website daily which is packed with useful information and complements the main geocaching site very nicely. Kudos to this organization.


Wags, Russ & Erin

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