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Geocaching.com Usernames?

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When I was in 7th grade, I made this superhero named Radman. When I started chatting online, I used that name to talk. That name became radman_99_1999 on Yahoo, then everything else. Finally, I put it on here and decided to take it up to the next level. So Radman Version 2.0 is born! icon_smile.gif






Faster than a dial-up Internet connection, stronger than any band nerd, look up at the sky! ....is it a bat..... no .....is it my grandma's mustache..... NO! IT'S RADMAN Version 2.0!

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Why is everyone on this thread showing up as a "Guest" (sans Avitar)?


I was named after the character "Mr. Sluggo" in the Mr. Bill show on SNL in the late seventies. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


BTW - I wonder if I'll be logged as a guest?


Oh... nevermind! (Time tripping again)! icon_rolleyes.gif



Unknown objects are operating under intelligent control... It is imperative that we learn where UFO's come from and what their purpose is... - -Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter Director, Central Intelligence Agency 1947-1950

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I borrowed it from my 17yr old Samoyed. We had to put him to sleep last July. Cholo is a Hispanic slang term for a ruffian or rowdy. When Roberto Duran was a kid in Panama, his nickname was Cholo. Altho I'm not Hispanic, I do speak Spanish, and of course the 'slang' terms are the first learned.

When Cholo was about four, my youngest son got us a greyhound mix, to be Cholo's 'buddy'. Well, Buddy became the alpha dog and they should have switched names.

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"Mr. Greenjeans" was a sidekick of Captain Kangaroo, a morning kids show host in the 50's and 60's.

Mr. Greenjeans was this wierd, crotchety, farmer character as I remember. There wasn't much else to watch in the morning as a kid.


Never made any connection to the name "green jeans" until I saw the program in my adult life... on a COLOR TV.

The guy had GREEN JEENS! I was floored, what a revelation! I had never got the relationship due to B&W TV.


So... Greenjeens is my alter ego, country cousin character. He doesn't wear green overalls, but often gets green grass stained pants, while out the the woods and pastures, while geocaching or hiking.


"There's no need to be afraid of strange noises in the night. Anything that intends you harm... will stalk you silently."


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Originally posted by GeoPrincess:


Mr. Greenjeans was Captain Kangaroo's "special friend." (You never saw a "Mrs. Kangaroo" or "Mrs. Greenjeans", did you?)


A friendly suggestion to users BentonQuest and RaceBannon.... do not post to this thread.



If there's no accounting for stupidity, then why do I need to file a tax return?

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Simple really I was given that name at birth.

It was h#ll going throught high school with Pepper as a lat name.

Salt & Pepper

Hea Pepper where's the salt?

Hot Pepper

the list goes on and on....


Oops I forgot SuperGenius is my husband and he created the account, but I do ALL the caching.




Horizontals where it's at!

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Was once introduced by my friend to someone as,

"...and the hairy little dwarf beside me is Pete"


Gee thanks.


Currently trading as Hairless little dwarf as I had a cueball haircut and shave as an end of year prank. Could get used to the look, and my wife has stopped asking me for ID before she opens the door icon_smile.gif


A friend helps you move house. A REAL friend helps you move a body!

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Zahrim is the net name I have been using for several years now. I first picked it out the name while playing a MUD where I was an ''evil'' charecter. I started to look for a midevil type name for an evil character, and came across ''The Twenty-Second Name is ZAHRIM''


''Slew ten thousand of the Hordes in the Battle. A Warrior among Warriors. Can destroy an entire army if the Priest so desires. His Word is MASHSHAGARANNU and his Seal:''




Even though I no longer ''MUD'', The name has stuck with me, I have grown attached to the name.




"There's no need to be afraid of strange noises in the night.

Anything that intends you harm will stalk you silently."

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Our username came about in a funny way. We had a 3 man paintball team called Midknight Militia. One of the members couldn't make it to a tournament, and he had paid to have jerseys made for the team. We had contacted an alternate to play in his place, but we wanted to enter under a different team name so as not to hurt his feelings. So in a hurry we came up with a very not PC name, team BLOEN... Beautiful Ladies Obeying Every Need. (Sorry ladies, please forgive us) icon_biggrin.gif Then we started doing decorative aluminum anodizing on paintball guns and set up an email address BloenCustoms@chemist.com, so we just carried the name over to caching. The anodizing, while fun, has taken a back seat to caching. Alot of steps in the process involve critical temperatures, and it's just too cold to mess with right now. icon_wink.gif


Get off the cellphone and DRIVE!

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I agree.


Everyone should be made by law to have there cellphone number as their license plate number....


So, When I pull up behind some fool on his/her cellphone, I can call them and tell them to move the heck out of the way....




"There's no need to be afraid of strange noises in the night.

Anything that intends you harm will stalk you silently."

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My wife bought the domain dustyjacket.com to buy and sell first edition books. (Since dustjacket.com was already taken)


That fell flat on its face - but I was hosting a coin information web site there, so I changed my eBay ID to the domain name. Since then, I've used DustyJacket as a lot of IDs.


The funny thing is: for the last 3 weeks, I've come back from caching with my jacket covered with dirt (or dust if you will - especially yesterday as I was on my head in a huge pile of rocks looking into crevises and all.), so the name is more appropriate for caching than anywhere else.....



...If life was fair, a banana split would cure cancer.

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My name is Bob McEowen but my screen name is Matt1344. The screen name refers to Matthew 13:44 of the Bible --"Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field."


Aside from the obvious connection to geocaching, the verse reflects a basic concept that is important to me. The idea is that heaven is not a place far off in the sky we go to when we die but rather a condition of the mind that we can grow into here and now. We first see this treasure in other men's/women's fields (their minds) and in order to obtain it ourselves we have to sell off or dispense with some things that we hold dear (old ideas, opinions, beliefs).


This is the message that Jesus was telling the multitudes when he gave them this parable. He was saying something like, I have something more to offer you that will take you further and closer to God than what you had available under Moses' Law. It's all about moving on and reaching out for the next step.


If you're not religious there is no reason to get offended. The same thing applies no matter what you treasure. To reach the next step you're going to have to lift your foot off the step you're standing on.

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From early celtic/pagan religion...the goddess of the moon was renewing her powers during the new moon phase, birth after death, part of the triology...birth, life, death and then it starts all over! Have used this name for a long time from playing games off and on line to writing stories under it as a pen name and even named my paintball team after it! Just seemed to fit me!


Darkmoon icon_biggrin.gif


All you have to do to fly is throw yourself at the ground and miss!

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comes from our second cat 'Wimsey' who gets his name from my wife's favorite fiction series- the Lord Peter Wimsey books by Dorothy Sayers. icon_biggrin.gif


These changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes;

Nothing remains quite the same.

Through all of the islands and all of the highlands,

If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane

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Mine is after a fictional hero of a book I read over 20 years ago, and now is a movie in DVD. I bought my English subtitled DVD on Ebay.

A partial review follows and the rest can be seen at


this web site, it can also be purchased in DVD from this page. I have no connection to the above website and only post it here for your reference. Please forgive me for this long post. If you ever read the book or watch the movie, you will understand.


"Dersu Uzala :Kurosawas Vision of Man in Nature


Dersu Uzala is one of my favorite films, a film to be cherished for its subtlties and how they eventually lead to larger truths. Very few films are made on the themes of compassion and subtle bravery. Yuri Solomin, the Russian captain who leads a small squad of soldiers into the Siberian wilds to survey the land, is one of the most memorable portraits of compassion ever put on film. His relationship to Dersu (Maksum Muzuk)is almost totally intuitive and wordless. The captain knows almost from the onset that this Goldi wilderness hunter is special and step by step the captain and his men learn gentle and harsh lessons

from this marvelous woodsmen, how to survive in almost impossible weather conditions, how to act like a man, with dignity and compassion.......

the harsh existence, and sadness when one is taken out of ones element and put in an alien one. Dersu Uzala is a brilliant, lasting vision of man humbled by nature but respecting nature, and then bringing it back in a poem of reflection. The understated ending, so subtle, almost mute, is one of the most moving Ive ever watched. All viewers should cherish this film for so many strengths and be glad that we had such a master film maker as Kurosawa among us".


I have flouted the wild, I have followed its lure, fearless. familar, alone; yet the wild must win,

and a day will come when I shall be overthrown. By: Robert Service

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koneko: my ex husband (who geocaches with me from time to time) used to call me 'koneko' (japanese for 'little cat') and i love the name, so i kept it - i generally have to use 'okoneko' (the 'o' added to it demands respect in the japanese language i'm using) as so many females use 'neko or koneko for their usernames. (luckily noone had done that here yet!)


the white diamond pirates: on my second geocaching trip ever to red river gorge in Kentucky, i brought along two friends who were 1) also new to geocaching and 2) avid gamers as well. i tried to explain geocaching to them by using the phrase 'modern treasure hunting' and they were hooked. (hence the pirates) - the trail we were hiking on (to find the "pinch'em tight" cache) was marked with white diamonds. we ended up starting some nonsense about the white diamond tribe of goblins in the area (ahhhh gamers - gotta love em). As we finished signing the log book, we felt we needed a name - And that's when we became the white diamond pirates. the name has stuck even though i only have one dedicated crew member left. (from 6 at one time down to 2)



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Wasco is the small unincorporated town which we live near . . . and we've always had quite a few critters living with us, including our two children (currently teenagers icon_rolleyes.gif) . . . so life is usually something of a zoo, and I'm the keeper.


There are 10 kinds of people in the world -- those who understand binary, and those who don't. [icon_wink.gif]


Violas ROCK! [icon_biggrin.gif] Swimmers RULE! [8D]

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A few reasons:


1. Born in the year of the Rabbit (Chinese astrology)


2. I have a scary rabbit tattoo on my arm (check my profile) which my wife doesn't like. So to make it less scary she called me "bunny" which stuck as a nickname with her.


3. Big Monty Python fan.


4. Also They Might Be Giants have a song Rabid Child from their first albumn (did I just type albumn?! icon_eek.gif



"Look at the bones!"


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Originally posted by robamy:

Simple my name is Rob my wifes name is Amy. Someone said we are connected at the hip once you get married :-).


Rob & Amy = Robamy


Erik our son came along a little later so we may have to come up with a new username. icon_wink.gif


The cartoon ZITs has two characters Rick & Amy or Rob & Amy. They are alway intertwined and the other characters treat them like one person.


My nickname is Capn because I am the Captain of my nameless sailing vessel. Skully from a nickname taken from my last name, Scurlock. icon_wink.gif


Vini Vidi Velcro I came I saw I stuck around. Capn Skully

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