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Your Trademark Item?

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Just wondering what fellow geocachers use as their "trademark" item to leave in a cache?


You know those big stickers you get from machines? 50 cents each about? I leave those with "Shadowraven was here, date" on the back (so if somebody wanted to still use the sticker they could). (Though I recently ran out and am using small stickers until I buy more icon_wink.gif


My husband leaves Flair X-Men cards in nice protective covering.



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Marwagsalot has a signature keychain whistle that folks around here seem to have really taken a desire for. icon_wink.gif I guess I was lucky to nab one under a bridge one night! icon_smile.gif


We like to leave a copy of a Zydeco CD because it's so cool for people with kids. Sometimes the caches aren't big enough, though. I'd really like to get a signature wooden coin for our family, though.


Grandmaster Cache

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Centaur... like the desicants...first time I've seen a picture... nice.


I guess my sig item is totem stones. I paint these and a variety of other pouches with the geocaching logo and each pouch contains a totem stone with a description of each animals spirit. The painting takes time though so lately I've also gotten a stock of totem stone necklaces to place when I'm behind in my pouch painting duties.


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Originally posted by Ttepee:

Centaur... like the desicants...first time I've seen a picture... nice.


I guess my sig item is totem stones....


Thank you! But the packs dont even come close to your wonderful signature items. Absolutly beautyful and meaningful! I see someday I will have to hunt one up! I bet they are the first thing to trade out of a cache.




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click here to view and funny thing, this photo was taken at Ttepee's cache in NY, and I have one of Ttepee's totem pouches hanging from my rear view mirror! I found a second one but didn't feel right to take it so I left that one at Squantz Rock cache. It has been picked up since.

No two of the eggs are alike and not all are with the geologo.


Cache you later,



"To err is human, to forgive....$5.00"

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Originally posted by 0x284C:

I like to leave new Cat 5 computer patch cables. I don't think they would be popular everywhere, but people seem to like them here in Silicon Valley.


Other people have mentioned their trademark items in this http://opentopic.Groundspeak.com/0/OpenTopic?q=Y&a=tpc&s=1750973553&f=3000917383&m=8950971483&p=1


I thought about leaving some patch cables at caches or at least putting a few in one of my own caches but since nobody has taken the PCI NIC out of my first cache I doubt they would go over too well here. I like the idea though.




So far so good, somewhat new owner of a second/new Garmin GPS V 20 plus finds so far with little to no problem. We'll see what happens when there are leaves on the trees again.

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I have about a thousand pins I've accumulated during trips to Russia. Every town has its own pin with the coat of arms. There are also pins from museums, landmarks, depicting composers and writers, and so on. Kind of like trading pins from the Olympics. In the dozen or so caches I've done so far I've left at least one pin and usually at least one other random item

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Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl paraphernalia -- erasers, keychains, pens, pencils, etc. Not just logo items, it has to be something useful in real life.


However, I was with a guy who had $21 in his wallet so he wanted to put one dollar in the cache. When we stopped at a minimart later had had one dollar in his wallet and not the twenty that should have been there. So exactly which bill did he put in the cache?



Friends don't let Friends geocache drunk.

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My signature items change on occasion - I actually have a whole range, and try to leave one of each in each cache I visit.


The first is the most obvious - a calling card, with my email address on it. These tend to stay in the cache, and so are nice as a permanent reminder (in addition to my log) that I was there.


Second is my "trade" item (I use quote marks, as I don't often take things out) - this is usually a magnetic boardgame, along the lines of TicTacToe, or Ludo. These tend to get traded out quickly, which is cool.


Finally, (when I remember to take them) are my Cache-In, Trash-Out containers. They're basically old film cannisters with refuse bags in them, so that later visiters to the cache site can help keep it litter free. If it needs it, I'll do my own bit too, of course.


So, there you go!



An it harm none, do what ye will

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Hi Dave, tried to send you and email, but your user name is not being found.


I love the idea of the Smokey Bear/ Woodsy Owl items. Since you're out in CA., I figured the East coast caches could use some of these.


I found the Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl website, but only "authorized" individuals and groups can purchase the items, and need a password to do this.


Does this seem odd? Why wouldn't they give everyone the opportunity to buy these? The way I look at it, the more education regarding fires and litter the better.


Do you have another source? If you are an "authorized" buyer, how did you become one?




Al (of Ct Trampers)

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I like to leave cassette tapes of vintage radio shows - Burns & Allen, The Shadow, Lone Ranger, Suspense, etc. Collecting and appreciating these historic and entertaining gems of Old Time Radio, most of which went off the air long before I was born, has been a passion of mine for decades.

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I've made up little bags of dress up jewelry for little girls. I own a children's theme party company, so I have lots of dress up stuff for favors, so I have a good supply. There aren't always things for little girls and having girly type things makes it easy for my little guy to give up stuff to trade. I think they are pretty nice and usually get traded out quickly. I also have little glass stars filled with fairy dust for small caches. Yeah, girly stuff.

The Make Believers

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We recently started leaving a Video CD we have made in caches. The CD has three slideshows of pictures we have taken while geocaching (about 150 total), many of which are from our log entries. The cool thing about the CD is that it will play in most home DVD players. I figure that each costs less than 25 cents, but is very personal. Unfortunately, we haven’t been getting out caching enough the past month or so to get them into circulation. icon_rolleyes.gif



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I have left ink pens / pencils to replace wet or broken pens. I get ink pens with my companies' logo on them.


I also have 8.5 x 5.5 laminated cache notice cards that I leave in caches that need a new notice or the notice is missing. Office depot makes them really cheap $1.50 to laminate four of them.


Fair winds, Capn Skully

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Unofficially, my sig. item has been teany beanie babies- mainly 'cause I have a bunch collecting dust, and I figured someone else may enjoy them more.


Officially, (and once UPS brings my bulk supplies icon_wink.gif) my signature item's going to be the micro-first aid kits I brought up in the poll... I'm thinking of getting a nurse's hat with a little red cross for my avatar, and put that picture on the insert in the baggie....


I walk the Maze of Moments, but everywhere I turn to, begins a new beginning, but never finds a finish... -Enya, Anywhere Is

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We started leaving these. The picture was included as part of a post by SpiderCubs who found one in a travel bug that had its own log.


It is a dollar bill folded as a T-shirt. It is enclosed in a 2 x3 inch zip-lock with a picture of us (currently from our 100th find - we used our first find until then.)


I wanted something I could personalize and leave in caches large or small.



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I just inherited my parents' old Badge-a-Minit kit from the 80s (not literally inherited; they're alive and well, just finishing their basement and clearing out the junk). The company still sells the supplies, so I'll be making buttons soon.


I was considering custom shot glasses, but I couldn't find a cost-effective way of making them.



Mein Vater war ein Wandersmann, und ich hab' auch im Blut

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We just got started in this........and didn't know anyone had a signature item until I read this thread......lol....we were just talking about starting one of our own a few nights ago.... We have just about decieded to start using fishing lures...(still in the box of course) for a guys thing and my wife likes collector spoons and candles......thought she might start getting extra's as we travel around.

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I've always loved coins. My grandfathers both died before I was born and I have some of their old coins and it alwys made me feel good. In my adult life I found old "world" coins. I normally leave the old (100 years or so), large British pre-decimal coins. You can get them for 15 cents or so and kids (like me I guess) love 'em!

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