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How about some caption fun...


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"Pull My Finger"


"Nope, the cache isn't here..."


"My first attempt at an avatar more disturbing than the Toe"


"Smells like fish..."


"I can do this, but logging a virt with a camera is too hard for me."


"Michael Jackson, eat your heart out."


"If you think this is cool, wait till you see what I can do with a wine bottle."


"Ah ... Ahh .... Ahhh ..... Ahhhhchoooooooooooo!"


Just because the GPS knows where it is does not mean you do!

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"Well honey, it happened like this. I was geocaching, when my path led me under heavy tree cover with my Legend and it of course lost signal. I wandered around and was scratching my head, when all of a sudden the unit got lock, pointed that way, and in my excitement yelled to my geocaching buddy, Mr. Snazz, and said "IT SAYS IT IS THAT WAY!!!" and got overexcited with pointing.


We logged the cache, was hard to write with my left hand, left Mctoy and took first aid kit.


(just kidding Snazz, had to cuz of the ammo can thing!)


It's not a sport unless there is something dead in the back of the truck when you get home.

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Ha! I knew I could count on the twisted individuals of the G.C. community to show their true talents. I figured I would post another picture to keep you all interested. Or post your own to mix it up a bit. (Yes this pix is from the AYB site.. but its still funny).


The Italian Space Program tests their new satellite launching technique.

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For the first photo:

Well that's the last time I play 'Twister' with you !


Latest Christmas gift, new finger puppets from 'Noses-r-Us'


It's not easy going through life with a deviated septum you know.


When I said it was a 'ring pull' I was talking about my can of soda.


Floss daily



For the second photo :

Well that's the last time I play 'Twister' with you !


Oi ! I can see your bald patch from up here.


Is that a foot or 12 inches I've got ?


Oops ! Wrong Ball


When I was a kid I used to bounce on dad's knee. Funny how times change.


Tim & June (Winchester)


See June, I told you that sign which said 'Unsuitable for Motor Vehicles' was wrong ! icon_smile.gif

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