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GPS Stalking on NBC's Today Show


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Did anyone else see this mornings news bit on a guy who placed a transmitter he purchased for $1,200 in a car of a woman he was stalking and followed her around with software on his laptop. Wacko's like this threaten public awareness of users of GPSr's. Hope public is wise enough to know the difference between transmitters and receivers.




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All GPSr transmit position data. This is why batteries run down so quickly (transmit uses more power than receive), and also why if you put two of them together you loose accuracy (the transmissions from each unit create interferance, a single unit can filter out its own interferance, but not the stuff from anouther unit, since it doesn't know the exact waveform to subtract).


The signal was requested by the FBI, and mandated by congress when the DOD released the specs for receiving GPS signals. The transmission sends location and serial number information to the nearest monitoring station. Monitoring stations exist around the country (not everywhere).


The FBI's intended use for the signal was to track survivalists and would-be revolutionaries moving around in forests and publicly-owned lands. They figured that these folks would be using GPSr as soon as consumer models were available, since for one, they tend to be rather para-military, and two, GPSr is very useful (as we all well know) to determine location. The signal allows them to monitor and detect training camps through data analysis, and also movements.


Who knows what they are using it for now...

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I don't recall anything mentioning when I purchased my GPSr that it would be transmitting my position and serial number. But if that is truly the case and it is the reason my batteries don't last very long then I want to disable it. I'm sure there must be a way and if someone out there knows how to I would sure like to know. Those lithium batteries aren't cheap you know.



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Mr. Snazz, where did you hear that GPSr also transmits? If they did they would need FCC registration. I think the interference you pick up when you get to close to another GPS is generated by the CPU and the Osc in the receiver section.


The whole scenario sounds a little too black helicopter to be true.

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If you've only just found out about this facet of your GPS receiver and you need to get rid of it untraceably, I'd be happy to take care of it for you for a small fee. Take the batteries out (this step is very important!) and email me for the address you should send them to and the name to make the check out to.



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Fuz is scamming you. There is a site that has the plans for a device to disable the transmission from your GPSr with parts you can get from a Radio Shack. I think a friend of my cousin built one and it worked fine. Also, they have the plans to build a DVD rewinder. I built that one myself and I know it works.


Oh, and if some smart aleck tries to tell you that the 'r' in GPSr stands for 'receiver', that is not true anymore. It stands for 'remit'.


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There's an even easier way if you need a quick fix. I just wrap aluminum foil around the antenna, shiny side out (that way it can still receive signals, just not transmit them). Try to make it as smooth as possible, tape it on if needed.



If carrots are so good for the eyes, how come I see so many dead rabbits on the highway?

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Originally posted by brdad:

There's an even easier way if you need a quick fix. I just wrap aluminum foil around the antenna, shiny side out (that way it can still receive signals, just not transmit them). Try to make it as smooth as possible, tape it on if needed.



_If carrots are so good for the eyes, how come I see so many dead rabbits on the highway?_


Normal thickness or Heavy Duty?


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Why would someone want to follow you? Did you do something that makes you so paranoid?




If your GPSr is transmitting data then I wouldn't be pretending it is a cell phone when somebody sees you stumbling around in poisen ivy.


By the way if you believe that your GPS is sending such special data and you want to make it so that it doesn't, you better go purchase a doflatchit wratchit and a hyfernator-doofenator.


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Newsweek reported about a month ago that not ALL GPSr's transmit position data. In fact, they say that it is only the left-handed units which transmit position. Even though I'm a lefty, I bought a right-handed unit for this very reason. If any of you out there have left-handed units, I know that Garmin and Magellan are currently offering trade-ins for right-handed units in light of this new information.

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What I do to keep 'Big Brother' off my back is I simply overclock the processor. The electricity for the boost in power comes from a simple nuclear generating device made from a gum wrapper and kite string. By boosting the capability of the CPU inside my eTrex Vista, I am able to manipulate the signals emitted by the core itself to transmit false triangulation data to the Feds so that they end up searching for my device somewhere in Nagasaki, Japan. If my homemade nuclear reactor fails, I plan on stealing the plutonium from Libyan terrorists who want me to build them a bomb (little do they know I'm going to supply them with an empty shell filled with used pinball machine parts). Combined with my flux capacitor, I'll be unstoppable in my quest to take over the world...Um, wait. That's part of a different conspira...I mean thread.



Team A.I.

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See what most of you don't know is the actual signal that you all are scrambling is really a ruse. Those of you that think you've out-foxed the black 'copter crowd have really been duped. That's what they expected you to do. The truth is that your "L.E.D." backlit screen is really a hyplo-gamma ray emitter. Several, if not all of the GPS satelittes have special recievers that can see these plain as day even through heavy tree cover. Of coarse they can track your location and I.D. the serial number (point of purchase/credit card records etc.) easily enough, but if you touch the screen just once it will broadcast an image of your fingerprint as well. I covered mine with a transparent screen of polymolybendium. The alloy is difficult to manufacture, but a search should reveal a number of home manufacturing methods. The trick is to make the filiments of the screen small enough so that you can still see your display well enough. I use .04 micron filiments myslef, spaced 1 micron apart. It scrambles and distorts the waveform so it dissapates long before it leaves the atmosphere so the satelittes can't possibly track you. However, specially equipped "Black Copters" probably can still see a distorted hyplo-gamma signal from close proximity.


Though no long term testing had been done on hyplo-gamma rays, initial testing from Nevada indicates that an increase in aggresive behavior may be expected. Additionaly some subjects were afflicted with a odd jaundiced skin colouring though none of the normal symptoms were apparent. Preliminary hypothises from a noted expert in the field suggest that the pigment combinations that make up the colour purple offer some protection from these effects.


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The most effective way to counter-act your movements being traced is to hold your gps upside down and walk backwards. This fools the feds into going where you were.

The only problem is of course, helicopters are capable of reverse flight maneuvers. In this case, the "Gorgon maneuver" is also advisable. View your gps only in a small handheld mirror.


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I guess I'll have to encase my GPSr in the transparent aluminum that I found under the bridge yesterday. That should block off the transmissions. Oh, yea, the bridge had a big sign on it that it was for sale. Anyone want the phone number? It was pretty cheap!

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Funny no one in here mentioned the fact that all GPS screens are in fact high-tech flat lens cameras which broadcast real-time images of you and everything you do and say right to Cheyenne Mountain. The Feds are using face recognition technology, and have already identified each and everyone of us, except for that guy dressed up in the "Batman" costume....

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Sounds like this is along the same lines as having to buy Polaroid cameras, because everytime you take a roll of pics in to get developed, the photo place sends a copy to the FBI. And with their data mining technology, digital cameras aren't safe, as well. For a couple hundred dollars, I can tell you how to disable the transmitter in Polaroid cameras........ icon_wink.gif


"People think it must be fun to be a super genius, but they don't realize how hard it is to put up with all the idiots in the world."--Calvin



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