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New Collectable Cache's

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After the Great response I had from My Original Cache.

I have planned a few future Cache's with Collectable Items.

I have a Large number of PEZ Collectable Items, and Large number of Fossil Items.


Would This Be A Good Idea for Cache, (alot of money involved in collectables)


Of course the next Cache would be harder to find.


Just Love the Idea that Someone Might Like These Items as Collectables As I Do.



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I think that this would be a good idea. The only problem is that themed caches have a tendancy to become an assortment of items over time. Sometimes people forget to bring a themed item and want to trade anyhow, or whatever the reason. I think that eventually the original items will be replaced with "regular" items.


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Required trade caches are hard to manage. Plus people don't get it anyway.


If your collectibles are cool they will be traded down to McToys in short order by normal Geotrashers (you heard it here first) who are clueless that TNLN is a viable option if you can't meet the trade.



Wherever you go there you are.

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