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What do you do for a living?


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I do believe there is an old thread about this but I'll post again...

I work in an engineering dyno lab and test engines. Basically we run them under EXTREME conditions till they shatter and then determine why they failed.


So, to put it in another way...I blow chit up! Perfect job for a guy! :unsure:

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i run the computer at the fuel desk of a truck stop in mid-michigan. i only work weekends, so i cache whenever my lupus isn't acting up. i have most of the exit numbers in the nearest 150 miles memorized so i can help people who are lost get to where they are going. the worst lost people i've ever encountered came in and asked how to get to columbus, ohio. when asked where they started out from they said toledo. you'd think that the "welcome to michigan" sign would have been their first tipoff that something was wrong. sad. :unsure:

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I am a Systems Administrator (IT). I cache with a co-worker (we started about the same time). We've been trying to get the caches close to work on our lunch break... about once a week. I cache mostly alone on the weekends, during the afternoon. I've tried caching at night... it's a little scarey. I prefer non-urban geocaches (regular sized).


Adam Pierson

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