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Difficult Caches

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I couldn't find anything on this sohere is my post.


I would like to place some caches in the upper difficulty and terrain ranges. I am just worried that there is not that many people out there who will rise to the occasion. I would hate to place some hard ones only to find out no one gos out and looks for them. SO here is my question:


Any input is greatly appreciated.

Thank you


So Long grinchtv.gif Eagleflyby

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Hard as PI has now been active since June of 2001. The trends I've seen I think can equally be applied to difficult terrain caches.


For the most part, you will get local cachers that enjoy a challenge. Non-locals will not want to mess with multi-stage or hard to find caches, because they want to experience more than one cache in their short alotted time in the area.


Occassionally, you will get a non-local adventure seeker looking to find your cache. Most likely, this will happen once, maybe twice.


I would guess that you could expect a high rated cache to get visited about 6-7 times per year, sometimes less. The more difficult it is, the less visits. Again, this goes for both high terrain and high difficulty ratings.


Level 1 caches (and up to level 3 caches) are family friendly, and there are a great number of families that cache together. So they won't most likely be hitting a difficult cache.


After all of that, PLACE THE CACHE. The world needs more difficult caches if only for those elite few that have the time, energy, ability and resources to go out and find them. They will thank you profusely, they will get a BIG feather in their cap, and they will sing your praises.


BTW - Team WO9LF is having a great time with my second 5 difficulty cache: Liberal Arts.



Chicago Geocaching

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I have to concur with Markwell. Perfectly Perplexing Puzzles has been around for five months now, and has been found by six searchers. Of those six, only one team is not what I'd call "local", and they were in town for an entire weekend so they had time to work on it. We don't expect another six in the next five months, though, if for no other reason than that most of the local cachers who would be interested have probably already found it.


Of course, the low find counts haven't deterred us from hiding another difficult cache. We like really high difficulties, and if the only way to get more difficult caches is to encourage others to seek their revenge, then that's what we'll do.



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For what it's worth. I generally don't pay attention to the difficulty ratings too much. Unless the cache description explicity says special equipment is needed (climbing gear, 4x4, boat, what have you), I often blindly charge in. Here in New Jersey, that's Ok, because we don't have deserts or enormous canyons (at least, I don't think we do!). I think it's gotten me in (not serious) trouble several times.



Do not answer a fool according to his folly, lest you be also be like him.

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You must place more caches. You've hidden four, but I've already found this one and this one and this one. I found them all with Ttepee and one with the tribe along. All great caches. MT Taurus was pretty tough for an old lady like me, but I considered it an accomplishment and felt really good about it. Still have to go get the ones on Breakneck Ridge, weather permitting or save it for next spring. I don't plan on being in Ontario any time soon or even in the far future but if I do go there I'll get that one too. icon_biggrin.gif


Cache you later,




"It doesn't matter whether you're going somewhere or nowhere, whether you're doing something or nothing. If you're doing it in a boat it's the best time ever!" -Water Rat from "The Wind in the Willows" by Kenneth Grahame (a book I picked up in a cache)

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Thank you all for the constructive input.

I am planning on seting out sometime this weekend and placing another cache in the Cold Spring area and if what I have in mind works out, it will be a more difficult one icon_eek.gifthan the ones I have placed so far.

The encouragement on this site is awsome.

Thanks folks..... icon_biggrin.gif


So Long grinchtv.gif Eagleflyby

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I've put 5 up in the hills that are fairly difficult. There is even a virtual attached to few of them so you can get more bang for your buck, but very little attempts. I just put one out the other day a little tougher on the head than the legs but since its so new there is no data yet. I may activate the Grey Diamond this week just to see if it gets hit before spring.


I've even re-planted one for another cacher and few have even gone up that little hill. 800 ft up in 1 mile.

I think most of the local cachers prefer a drive and bag. There is a small # out here that like the more difficult caches:


Here is the ones that I put in the hills.






Tahosa - Dweller of the Mountain Tops.

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