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Indoor signals loud and clear?


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I was at the computer last night getting ready to download some coordinates into my Garmin. Im inside the house about 3 feet from a 30"x60" vertical window that faces almost due west. The darn thing picked up 6 satellites in a matter of seconds, all with great signal strength. In the past ive picked up maybe 3 and tonight when i tried, i could only pick up 3 with low signal strength, even while holding it close to the window. Im sure there are many other variables but this does seem kinda weird! Anyone else see this or have any ideas?

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Just the time of day and where the sattelites were when you powered on. Your satellites must have been to the west. Same thing happens to me, about 5 feet from the double glass doors. Sometimes I get a great lock, sometimes nada. All I'm looking for is a good lock in the canyons!


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I can lock on to several indoors as well.My Computer sits next to my 10' sat. dish and when the GPS is nearer the ant. the better the signal.I also have tried it with smaller dishes,and can get a better signal in heavy cover.Point to ponder.Though it will give a reading nearer the dish's location if you have a long ant.


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Might be great signal strength but the geometry would probably be the other end of the scale and so would any integrity and accuracy.


Depending on the time of day this type of occurance is possible but it's one of those instances in which the number of satellites means very little (the number of sats don't mean a great lot anyway) as they are all probably bunched in one small "window" of the sky.


The geometry one would expect to be extremely weak and unreliable.


Cheers, Kerry.


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Your signals may not only be coming through the windows. Check your sat page. I pick up good signals through the roof when on the second floor and in the family room which has no second floor and sometimes even get weak signals through both floors. This is also a good way to see the significant difference between using the internal antenna and an external one.

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I can be sitting at my PC in the den, with the door closed and a single 2'x5' window facing NW, and get a strong signal. And mind you, this is with my yellow eTrex. I bring this up whenever someone knocks Ol' Yeller.



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Forgot to mention that the blinds were down and closed and that there was also a thick curtain hanging over the window when i had all of the sats come in the other night. I download to my GPS76 all the time and usually notice a couple or three satelite signals, but the other night was definitely different. With the war and all, i was thinking the government might have been playing around with them or something???


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I remember getting several satellites, with a good signal in a finished upstairs bedroom, with no windows. I think that if there are no sats when recieving at low power, the GPS will try to amplify the signal of all the sats.


In my downstairs bedroom, I get a better signal in the middle of the room, but not at the window.


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I always get really good signals by my computer desk, but I am 2 feet away from a picture window! But I also get great reception in my bathroom, I even have my toilet marked with it's coordinates where I do my thinking!


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Originally posted by RichardMoore:

To Renegade Knight:


I remember reading something about the moisture in tree leaves and clouds blocking the signals, but I can't remember where.

Can you explain further or provide a source that I can go to?





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Most of what I've learned was on the net outside of these forums. There have been some good threads in these forums. Once in awhile somone does exactly what you request and they post an informative article. Alas I don't know of one that I can link to or I would. It's been over a year since I did my looking into it.



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Rag-a-Muffin sayz-

"My question is this: Why are we bragging about the reception of our GPSr's while INSIDE the house? Are you trying to track your way back from the bathroom to the den or something? I prefer using my GPSr outdoors...I'm pretty sure most of the geocaches in existence are, in fact, outdoors. "


Well, it is said that Elvis had one of the very first GPS units, but they weren't very good back then, and he got up one night and tried to find his way around the house, but ended up in the bathroom, and look what happened to him after he lost his signal strength....

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