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Abandoned caches

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I've noticed a large number of caches in this area that the cache owner seems to have abandoned. This is not to say the cache is in poor condition always, but when checking owner profiles, I've found that MANY caches were placed by people who don't participate in the sport anymore. I'm not necessarily interested in adopting any of these, but I did find it curious. Any feedback from other areas of the world?


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In my area, we had at least one cache that was abandoned. It was a really cool location, so my husband and I "adopted" it even though it is pretty far from our hometown. In another case, the cache wasn't abandoned, but the guy lives out of state and just needed someone to be a "foster parent". That particular cache is only 15 minutes form us, and it a quick grab that gets a decent amount of hits since it near I-10. Plus, it's an older one that has survived (it was our first cache) so there's the nostalgia factor.


In another case we had a cache that was stolen, and the guy that placed it had disappeared. A fellow geocacher actually went into the forums and recruited someone to replace it! It's in a really unique spot, too. I haven't done that one yet. It's in a REALLY remote area.


Seems we have less of a problem with abandonment and more of a problem with plundering. Quite a few caches around here get stolen. One of ours is included in that number.


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I wonder if part of the problem is knowing a cache is abandonned. We did a cache (Rivington Pike) in the UK. The cache had gone, removed when ferns were taken away. We sent an e-mail to the owner with no response, It appeared their initial enthusiasm had worn off, so we couldn't know it was abandonned until an event prompted it.


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