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Kudos to Jogps in Tennessee! Excellent cacher!


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Just had to publicly express my gratitude to “jogps”. Here is the story.


In June 2001 we went on a trip with our Xterra club to tour the Nissan Plant in Smyrna TN which is where the Xterra is built. While we were there most of the group camped outside of Nashville in a corps of engineers campground. Before the trip I had posted info about Geocaching and asked if anyone would like to put a cache together while we there, several people responded so I provided an ammo box and logbook and they supplied the booty. We ended up hiding the cache in a park on the shore of J Percy Priest Lake.


Cache icon_cool.gif

Xterra Plant Tour 2001



It was logged 50 times at an average of 4 times a month from June 01 till May 02. Including some of the famous cachers as jogps, bent twigs, erik88l-r, Markwell, BruceS, & Show Me The Cache.


However on May 25th I received a not found log for the cache, icon_frown.gif which is not unusual for me to receive not founds on my caches (especially “Don’t Feed the Trolls” icon_wink.gif ), but for this cache it was the first one I had received. Unfortunately I live 270 miles away just outside Atlanta so I could not just go up right away to check on it, so I waited patiently hoping someone else would find it or confirm it missing. August came and I could not wait any longer! On August 5th I posted on the cache page that I was planning to take a trip to Nashville to confirm the existence or non-existence of the cache. I also asked that if anyone who had previously found it happened to be in the area if they could check on it if they had a chance. I received an email from “freetime” informing me that he had attempted to locate it even though he had not previously found it but came up empty. This worried me even more…


Then today I get home from work, check my email and I received an email from jogps stating that not only had he gone out and tried to find it. But after not finding it he replaced it with another ammo box, log book, and booty! Wow!! The cache lives on! icon_cool.gif


Thanks jogps!!! icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

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Originally posted by Ramness570:

Just had to publicly express my gratitude to “jogps”.


JoGPS is definitely a local hero. He was instrumental in forming our local geocaching club, placed more caches than most people have found, developed a great point of contact system with the local parks (how well does it work? Look at my logs for "meet with your government officials" to see how we have a local park PUTTING OUT CACHES!) and has helped geocaching clubs hundreds of miles away get started. He leaves more than he takes, is kind to newbies, and has shown the locals cache types we'd never seen before.


And even with geocaching aside, he's a heck of a nice guy.


Yeah, I know for some it's tempting to look at the "superstar" numbers and flip him the finger, but I'm very glad that JoGPS is more than a signature in most logbooks in this time zone; he's my friend.

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I too count Jogps among my friends. He is one of the good guys. He has influenced me to raise the bar on the caches I hide and has worked hard to foster a relationship with all of our state and local parks.

I wish I had Xterra on my watch list, I would have been glad to help out. You see this cache is special to me because it was my first almost a year ago. 125 finds, 14 hides and 3 GPSs later I still enjoy the hunt as much now as I did then.


Thank you to Ramness570 for placing it and thank you to Jogps for everything he does around here.




He who angers you, controls you.

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Everything that has been said about JoGps is completely true. He is truely a gem. Joe has helped me out tremendously and I know if I ever needed any help or anything, I could call on Joe. I have his cell number programmed into my phone and if I'm having trouble finding a cache, I know I can call Joe for additional clues, because he ususally has already found it. He loves this sport and that's very evident in the way he plays this game,and the help he gives to other geocachers. I am truely honored to have a high number cacher such as Jogps as a friend. Thanks Joe, you'll always be tops in my book.

And thank you Ramness for hiding Xterra Plant Tour. Although it wasn't my first find, it was an early one for me. And, by the way, I bought a 2002 Nissan Xterra 3 months ago. It is a geocaching machine!

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I met jogps and Southpaw on July 28, 2002 in a commuter parking lot just outside of St. Louis. This was a special day for BruceS because 10-14 cachers in the St. Louis area were going to celebrate his 1000th cache find that morning. What a surprise to see jogps and Southpaw sitting in their truck after driving 300 miles so they could congratulate Bruce on his milestone. Not many people would drive that far just to say "hi and congratulations". Here is the site that commemorates the happy event along with pictures of jogps, BruceS, and Southpaw. BruceS #1000.




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As long as we're saying nice things about JoGPS I would like to mention that he donated a brand new little yellow Etrex toward the prize pool for our Georgia Geocachers Association Challenge event recently. Thanks jo! Just sorry that you couldn't make it down to compete - it was a lot of fun.



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