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My Cash Was Denied and I'm Out of Hear

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This website claims to encourage variations in the games, BUT WHEN I TRIED TO PLACE MY NEW CASH IT WAS ARCHIVED!


So I'm coming hear to apeal like they said. My idea was this and I think its a great one. I wrote a code number on a baseball (I went through all the trouble of sealing it with with shellack so it din't run in the rain). Then I hide the baseball someplace an post the coordinates and someone finds it. They take a copmass with them. Then they woold take the baseball and throw it as far as they can an look at the compass to see what direction it went an post this in they're log.


Now this is the best part. the next person gets to look for the baseball an if they find it, they throw it as far as they can and post the corrdinates wear they found it (and the direction they threw it)! Then they send the owner the number they found on the baseball to verification on it.


NOW WHATS WRONG WITH THIS? If this doesnt get approvd I am taking all of my cashes and LEAVING HEAR!!!!!!!!!!

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