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Brush Fires, Oh My!

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Well, reporting from near the front lines... whooo-boy! Looks as though we here in Northern California and Southern Oregon have to worry about losing prime cache places (not to mention homes, lives, livestock, the use of our lungs...) due to one of the largest fires in recent Northwestern history.


I believe I know of at least four caches threatened and possibly many more if the fire jumps the 199 Highway here north of Hiouchi.


I know that Colorado and more recently, the Modesto area near Sequoia Nat'l Park was been heavily hit. Any other areas have serious wild fire issues going on?


I have volunteered for communications duty during the hours that no one else wanted (midnight to six a.m.) until the fire is under control, so I'm trying to stay awake by typing this.

I think I'll go make a pot of coffee...





How much red would a redwood red if a redwood could red wood?

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Top of the morning to ya Redwoodred, Pepper here up early getting ready for a cool morning of caching out on Lake Del Valle. (GC5C58 & GC5C63) I have seen what't going up your way on TV my heart goes out to the folks that have lost homes! Hope your home is not threatened. Hang tough girl, just know this I am up having coffee with ya and keep us posted.


Team SuperGenius



Horizontals where it's at!

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Thanks Pepper and Mopar....

I almost didn't make it until 6 a.m. Began playing Baldur's Gate II and when 6 a.m. came around I was wide awake! Decided to check my pillow's density and I don't even remember my face hitting it, so I must have been tired! Third night up. My day life is suffering.


With all of the activity, we aren't really getting as much news as we probably should. We aren't threatened here, yet. It has a long way to come and would have to burn through quite a bit of expensive real estate to get to the city. Fortunately, with the "Confligration Act" in place, and the fact that our situation has gone "national" (meaning that we are in a state of national emergency), we are getting a good deal of help from all over California, Oregon, Nevada, etc.


If the two fires in So. Oregon meet up we will have a fire burning that is nearly 40 miles long. THAT is scary.


My best friend lives in the Illinois Valley of So. Oregon and is currently on 30-minutes notice for evacuation. His family is terrified. Funny thing is his son and daughter-in-law moved there to get away from the garbage of So. California... and now it is like the wildfires from So. Cal. in Oregon! Weird.


Thanks for good wishes. I'm praying and keeping my fingers crossed... and rubbing my eyes a lot.



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