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Cache with most finds

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When I was reading all of the information on bomb scare caused by the In Plane Site cache, I noticed the huge concentration of finds. It had been found about 80 times since October 15th. It had alot of notes on the page but it still got me thinking.


I was wondering what Physical cache (no virtuals or locationless) has the most finds. I'm sure this has been discussed here before. But i'm sure the numbers have changed since then.


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Unfortunately, I haven't got a clue how to figure out which cache has the most finds, no finds, or any other information like that. It would probably be quite interesting to see though. Just guessing by the lack of responses you've received that I'm not in the minority this time when I say "I don't have a clue"

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I ran a Google search for site:www.geocaching.com ''logged visits'' total and scanned through the list of 150 pages it spit back. My assumption is that any cache that has a lot of finders probably has at least a couple of links pointing to it from personal web sited.


I picked about a dozen with 120 finds or more, and found that they were all virtuals, except for two of those. Have Bug, Will Travel has the most log entries, with 196 entries, 126 of which are 'found' logs. It's in Phoenix, Arizona.


The other cache, 50 Quarters, is in Portland, Oregon. It has 145 logs, 111 of which are 'found' logs.


So... 126 finds is the best I can find on short notice.


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Here's what I found from a quick, educated guess style, search. Beverly, which is the oldest active cache in Illinois, has about 80 finds. While, Drury Lane Theatreleads the way with over 90 finds.


Interstingly, Drury Lane was placed by an interloper, Not quite a tourist, but not a resident, later adopted by Markwell. So for all of those against tourist caches, here's a success story.


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So for all of those against tourist caches, here's a success story.


It was a success story because Markwell adopted it.If it was such a great site, I'm sure some local cacher would have planted a cache there eventually.If Markwell wasn't available to adopt it, it would likely have degenerated into geotrash.


Now we take you back to the topic...


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Well, I know I can't beat 100+ logs, but Hitec Retreat is very close to me, and has almost 60 logs. I find that to be neat.


By the way, you are not so very awesome. (not flame, just a cultural reference that I wonder how many people will understand)



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Originally posted by The Artful Dodger:


... I wish my New York TB was so popular, grr!


You made the unfortunate mistake of placing your Travel Bug Hotel in a location that requires more than the minimum physical effort ... though for he life of me, I can't figure out why people would want to miss out on the view.


I think many of the caches in our area don't receive many visitors because of the challenge they present ... or don't present. (Too hard or too easy.) The latest I've ever signed into a cache was 38th, on a cache that was 1.5 years old, I believe. I was also somewhere in the low 30s on another old cache. Both caches were showing their age, too ... neither owner remained active nor had ever logged a maintenance visit to their cache.


We also have experienced those periods when many caches have been deliberately plundered or compromised, which tend to shorten the longevity of caches ...


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