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u are truly hooked on Geocaching when ....

Guest Artful Dodger

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Guest gmagers

Your boss at work informs you that any more time spent on geocache.com will be docked from your paycheck!!!


I AM happy to see you - AND - That is my GPS in my pocket.


Put the GPS down gently and slowly back away. No one will get hurt.


ROFL....the Fathers Day one is true. We spent all day crammed in the car hunting 3 caches down in the next state!!!! 600 miles of driving with 5 kids and the wifey eek.gif



"Beacuse I said SO"


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Guest bigkid

You spend more time reading this forum than with your kids.


You hide your first cache and smile when it's not found in 24 hours.


You plot when you're going to do your first 5/5.


When I can say 1/1, 3/5, 2/4, and 2.5/3.5 and you understand what I'm saying.


When you finally find a reason to read your eTrex manual...and understand it...


When you call Garmin and ask to be a reseller just to feed your habit


When you hide your first cache with absolutely no clues


And of course, when your 5 year old knows how to read your GPS, "Dad, we're 154 feet!"



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Guest EraSeek

Your wife catches you in front of the computer at 5am and says "Geez, now you need a morning fix?" and you reply, "No, it's not like that! Really!" ...but it is.

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Guest rastas

You even consider more than once creating a 5/1 consisting of a 10 step riddle cache and just know that some one will find it!!!


and combining geocaching with the confluences project!!! Gotta love those neat numbers. icon_smile.gif


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Guest logscaler

Rastas: Been there, done just that, and have the photos (and scratched up paint job) to prove it. Man, those confluences are put out in some wild places. Wonder why ?

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Guest Gossamyrrh

When you bail out of work early because you think you have a good short at being the first person to hit a brand new cache nearby! (but it didn't work...someone else was already there)

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Guest landnav1

You know that you are a GEO-ADDICT when you catch yourself trying to persuade the shuttle crew to stash your cache in orbit.....hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Guest ClayJar

You read a topic about a geocaching marriage proposal, and you make it a point not to tell your best friend because you hope to one day use the idea (which you already had, but you were obviously beaten to the implementaion phase).

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Guest leskowitz

* You can find the nearest waypoint in your etrex with your eyes closed.


* Your porn favorite porn sites have been deleted to make way for your next cache sites.


* Your wife doesn't let you go to the store anymore, knowing you won't be back for hours.

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Guest Snowtrail

You get a license plate with [insert name from "Cache license plate" forum here] listed on it.


You are angry becuase somebody else thought of it first...

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Guest The Jester

You know you are hooked on GeoCaching when...


You spend you 25th wedding anniversery finding a cache and then 'hiding' a virtual cache (inbetween a steam train ride and a nice dinner).

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Guest arffer



Last Wednesday, my wife and I both took the day off work for our 20th anniversary. Went up the night before to our place on the lake, no kids, nice & romantic. Of course we 'went to bed early'...


Had to cause we had a full day of caching planned for our anniversary!

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Guest Campeon1981

You consider giving up the Trans-Am for a 4x4 icon_biggrin.gif


And you dont store your food in the tupperware anymore...


And the family wonders if you're involved in a militia with all the ammo cans laying around...


And you search for credit cards with scenic landscape pictures on them where one might possibly hide a cache...


And you call the credit card company to find out where the picture was taken...


And you use geocaching as an excuse to go buy new hiking boots on the credit card...


And friends who cant read a GPS display just arent as good of friends anymore...


And you equip your dog with a note around his collar updating exact coordinates of your current position "in case something happens"...


And finally... you search the online Personal Ads for possible partners who's favorite hobby is Geocaching icon_biggrin.gif


Hope yall had some laughs icon_wink.gif

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Guest Havasu Desert Rat

When you spend 5 hours poking around a very steep and loose peak in the desert in early august and you don't have any coordinates to work off of because the posted ones are bogus and all you have is a general description of the hidey hole and all this is because you can't stand the thought that there is a cache out there that you can't find.-----------Happened yesterday, and yes, I found the rascal!

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Guest robamy

Originally posted by Gossamyrrh:

1) When your cable modem goes out for two days and you don't have any cache pages printed out.


I second this! It always seems like my cable modem goes out on a Geocaching day.

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...When your husband comes home and says "Honey let's go out to dinner" and you say, "not now- the drug store is having a 50% off Rubbermaid sale- NO LIMIT" (and yes my extra closet is now full of soon-to-be caching containers lol!)


...when you keep extra hiking clothes in the car for every member of the family- and all the printouts "just in case"


...when you use a MOMS Club event to teach all your friend how to read a GPS so they can convince their husbands to try it!


...when you wish they gave extra bonus ratings to caching with a 27 pound baby on your back and a 2.5 year old toddler in tow ;-) (Just remember my 2's & 3's are YOUR 3's & 4's heehee!)


...still lol about the 12 step program where everyone already knows your name...



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Guest T-storm

Originally posted by mav:

...when you use a MOMS Club event to teach all your friend how to read a GPS so they can convince their husbands to try it!


...when you wish they gave extra bonus ratings to caching with a 27 pound baby on your back and a 2.5 year old toddler in tow ;-) (Just remember my 2's & 3's are YOUR 3's & 4's heehee!)



Stop talking about me! icon_wink.gif

I did just that at the last meeting of my MOMS club playgroup and am thinking of selecting a geocaching walk in the local park (where we plan to plant a cache soon) for one of the future playgroup days that is my pick! You know, I fully expected hubby to chat with some of the other dads at or Summer Bash this past Saturday and talk GeoCaching up, but instead he listened in on an aviation discussion!


Will be inviting one of the playgroup families along for a hunt soon anyway because I was sure it was right up her alley, and when I told her about it her eyes just lit up!


And in my case, it's the 2-year-old that's 27 pounds, and the second won't be born for several months yet! The toddler loves to go "treasure hunting!"





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Guest vinced

Originally posted by makaio:

Personally, I'd rather be the first to plant one in the Pentagon Courtyard icon_smile.gif


If geocaching was around 2 yrs ago and I thought the Pentagon Cops won't mind, I might have done it. But I know the cops have enough problems already with mystery items as is. :-)

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Guest tecmage

You KNOW you're hooked when you delay packing for a move (the next day) to drive 75 miles (one way) in the evening to be the first to reach a new cache- and the fiancee is right next to you (and neither of you is complaining or questioning why this is happening).


You KNOW you're hooked when you mention the weather is going to cool off significantly over the weekend, and your mate says "Guess this means we're Geocaching this weekend!"


Richard and Tracy

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Guest bwware

Not sure if this has been said already!


If you have to bribe your 4 year old with McDonalds in order to get her to go treasure hunting with you!


You plan your vacation around how many caches are in an area. St. Louis, here we come (Aug 21-25th) anybody in St. Louis have any ideas about which caches are MUST DO caches, please email me! bware@cinci.rr.com


You have done so many, you are interviewed by a local TV-News station (not me, my brother in law) See DLiming entry at this one:



You ALWAYS buy more AA batteries when your at the store even though you already have over a hundred fresh ones back at home!


Ever Onward,



Bill Ware

The Cinci Cachers


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Guest celts

It's August in the midwest. It's 110 in the shade and when you're asked what you want for your 54th birthday and all you can think of is to have all your loved ones around you---for a full day of geocaching.


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Guest Lone Ranger

You know you're hooked when for the entire fire season you vehicle always contains one gallon of water an axe or pulaski and a full size shovel.



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Guest ClayJar

You've been trying to get on Car Talk for years, and the closest you've gotten is this week, when you very well might get on the show (find out tomorrow). What is my question?


My tires are just about due for a replacement, and I need to know what kind to buy, since I've been driving all over the place since I've picked up this new hobby called geocaching. icon_wink.gificon_smile.gificon_biggrin.gif


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Guest ClayJar

...you're getting your wisdom teeth ripped out of your head (with extreme prejudice) on Monday, and the only two things on your mind for the weekend are "Which movie will J^2 want to see, and when?" and "Which caches do I have time to hit before I go to the movie with J^2?"

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Guest bunkerdave

Originally posted by Snowtrail:

You get a license plate with [insert name from "Cache license plate" forum here] listed on it.


You are angry becuase somebody else thought of it first...


Ordered my "GPSHUNT" plates a few weeks ago! Can't wait.

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Guest faithwalker

Your hooked when all your passwords start with the letters I-GO-GEO.


You have named all your GPS's (Brutis=Street Pilot, Dorothy=Map76, Stella=Vista[sent back])


You carry your GPS when you mow the lawn (if ever) just to look at the trackback to see if you missed any.


You borrow your kids bike to do a 7 mile bike trip to a cache and remember why you don't have a bike.


Your wife makes YOU fill out the log because you never take the good stuff from the cache.


You can't read your hats Geocaching.com logo because of all the spider webs on it.


Your keyboard starts to short out because of all the drool while you look at the GPS manufacturer's new products.


You buy stock in Rubbermade, Garmin, Magellan and the dollar store.


You check for new caches in your area before you check your e-mail. If you see one, what e-mail?


You can't find a cache for the second time and your DR. prescribes an antidepressent.


You remember all the scratches, dents and hardened on mud on your vehicle by which Geocache you got them from.


You hide all your caches at least 300 miles from home so no one can post just one more than you.


Everyone knows you by your Geocaching.com user name.


You get your legal name changed to your Geocaching.com user name.


You have a calus on your thumb from the keypad on your GPS.


You have tendonitus from using your thumb on your keypad.


You get up in the morning and pick up your GPS before your wallet or watch.


You rebuild your alarm clock to wake you by saying, time to cache, time to cache, time to cache, etc.


Your kids wonder where all their stuff went.


Your wife's perfume is 29% deet.


It's easier for skeeters to draw blood than your DR.


You ask your Dentist if he thinks there's a good spot in there for a cache. Traveling of course.


You put a notch on your GPS for every cache found.




...Cache Responsible and may all your birds be in view... ...Faithwalker & DaMama...

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you begin to unload your truck to put it in the shop and realize that all your geo caching stuff wont fit in the rental car so you upgrade to the ford ranger with the locking bed cover but notice its not a 4x4 like yours and wander if this could hurt your chances in finding that one illusive cache. Hi my name is black beard and I to am a geocacher.

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you go Geocaching during your 12:00noon to 1:00pm lunchbreak and when you finally find the cache, it's 1:03pm, your office clothes are filthy, and you try to make up a good excuse ("Uhh boss, let me explain: I was just about to enter the nearby McDonalds when a large bear grabbed me and pulled me into the forest and I had to defend myself by beating him with this Geocache Tupperware container I found when using my GPS...uhh gulp! You still don't believe me").

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When your Earth Science teacher asks if anyone know the latitude and longitude of New York City, ( for extra credit on following test ) or something near that, you tell her the exact location of the school. icon_biggrin.gif No one belives you, not even the teacher. Next day you get 15 points on added to your test grade because you were right.(love that Garmin Etrex Venture ). icon_cool.gif And my mother wonders why I spend so much time with it...


ps. love the thread

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Originally posted by :

You can convert WGS-84 to UTM...in your head.



UR truly hooked on geocaching when you realize that WGS-84 is a horizontal datum and Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) is a topographic projection system.


If you can convert Indian 1960 UTM coordinates to WGS-84 Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) coordinates in your head, then I'm truly impressed. icon_wink.gif

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You carry 3 extra sets of NiMH batteries in case the 1st set runs down before you can get back to 1 of your 2 battery chargers.


You carry an LED headset in case a cache calls for you at night.


You turn on you GPS just to use the new calculator feature even when you have a calculator with buttons to use.


You configure your email to send a message to your phone when someone finds your cache.


(True stories)


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You "borrow" your workcenters GPS for a lunch time hunt and in your fount it! log you tell the cache owner that he is was off by 73cm.


You ask if anyone has any Travel Bugs with goals to get to Afghanista because you may be deploying there shortly.


You remove your shave kit to make room for your GPS in your pack so you can do a little geocaching in Afghanista.


Your first thought everytime you see an unexploded mortar shell is "Gee, paint that yellow and it would make an awsome cache container".


Your signature item is MREs.


- Lone Rangers


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