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POLL: Have gas prices affected your caching?

TEAM 360

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Don't know about the rest of the country, but here in Phoenix, we can't get any gasoline. About 3/4 of the stations are totally out, and the ones that do have it are swamped with lines around the block.


How have the gas prices or lack of availability affected your caching lately?

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i'll be honest i payed off my truck right before i satrted this so i don't know that it would have changed my habits but i always went hunting and fishing before i started this and i never worried about putting gas in my truck i just used a little more when i was doing that. i can say it's nice not having a payment and having a reliable late model vehicle. good hunting to all.


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I already drive 20 miles to and from work, and here in the Twin Cities, gas prices can jump up and down 15 cents or more from one day to the next. If I happen to have to gas up on an up day (like today, 1.75 a gallon compared to 1.60 yesterday), I just know that some of my overtime isn't going to be used as effing around money. But give up caching just because of gas prices? It would take more than that to peel my GPS out of my hand.


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I don't think SE Michiganders ever change their driving habits due to gas prices. Right now gas can be had for between $1.50 and $1.80. It got jacked up during the blackout and, amazingly, doesn't seem to be coming back down. Before, it hovered around $1.50 just about everywhere.



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Originally posted by Team GPSaxophone:

360, I saw a picture of Phoenix gas prices in the paper today. $3.57 for Unleaded! Yikes! I will NOT be driving out there for this weekend's event! Sorry, maybe in October when it gets below $2 again.


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Aww, come on out anyhow and drive that big ol' honkin Suburban of yours...you can fillup for cheap, about $75 a tankfull, just for you... icon_eek.gif

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