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CacheMaps 3.1 available for download

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CacheMaps v3.1 available for download. New features:

- Clickable maps can be generated

- Usage counters on online map pages

- Logfile added

- new maps: MapEze and WhereAreYou

- GPXSpinner support

- Status 'Failed' added

- some small bugs fixed




You can download CacheMaps here.

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Originally posted by Sissy-n-CR:

Curious. Is the reason that you say to install Excel 2000 is to have .NET Framework installed on on your machine? I installed it when I was checking out QuakeMap.

The reason you need Excel is that CacheMaps is actually an .xls application, written in VBA. It used the Excel GUI and possiblities of storing data.


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Looks like a great piece of software. Have you thought about writting it in C++ or Java instead of MS Virus Base Architecture (VBA...)? Would be real slick as a platform independent Java app. icon_smile.gif


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The Excel viewer will not support CacheMaps (or is it that CacheMaps doesn't support the viewer? icon_rolleyes.gif)

I tested OpenOffice in a very early stage of development. It does not work.

Both due to the fact that CacheMaps is using a lot of VBA coding.


I thought about programming it in C++ or Java. But I do not have any experience in these and having the interface and storage possibilities already available in Excel, the choice was made quit fast. And at the point that I started programming I had only in mind to automate the typing of online map url's. It just ended up this way.


Sorry if CacheMaps does not support your favorite application platform.


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CacheMaps homepage:


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