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Do some people not understand that GPS is not exact?


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I usually post my coordinates if they are more than 10 feet off of the owner's. Not to be mean, but rather to help the next person. The more I have to stumble around looking, the more likely I am post mine if they end up being differant.


I will also post mine when they are exactly the same as a compliment to the cache placer. Finding caches is part physical and part mental, being accurate on your coordinates is part of the challenge.


I feel guilty when a cache I placed is not accurate to the WAAS minimums.


Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups.

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Well GPS isn't exact UNLESS you have been wondering all over the place and decide to release the preasure on your bladder several steps behind a large rock outcropping. If you use the eTrex (what is it) track-back option to get your lost butt home, you can bet you will have to go visit your favorite bladder dumping site on the way back or the smarty gagget will refuse to take you the rest of the way home. AND I'm talking go stand in the same foot prints! Anyone else ever notice this evil fetish from their GPS system

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I changed my position on this, no pun intended. For the first year of caching, I was very reluctant to dispute a cache placer's posted coords. I would try to be tactful, say something like "my GPS put me 50 feet south of the cache, but the reception was not very good." Then I noticed that a newbie cacher would come along, not find the cache, get discouraged and never try again. That's not good. So now, if I think the position error is enough to be a problem for searchers, I will log my own coordinates, the log page even has a place for this. If the cache is a fairly easy find, and the coords are off 30 or 40 feet, I probably would not comment. But if it is really well hidden, then an error of 30 feet can be a real problem, and I would log my own coords. If the cache is well hidden, then the coords should be good, otherwise the surrounding landscape often begins to look like a mine field.




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