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Commercial content (aka FOOD) in cache clues?


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I know there is a general contempt for caches of a commercial nature, but can I use common foods (or businesses) as part of my clues? Like Fritos? or Pepsi? Walmart? Sears? Not that anyone would have to actually BUY an item, but perhaps just go to a store and look?


Sorry if this has been asked before -- I'm somewhat new here, go easy on me, please.

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I don't see a problem with that. I can't see how anybody would. But I'm sure we'll see a post soon telling you how wrong it is.


This does provide some interesting possibilities.

Perhaps using the UPC numbers on the 12oz bag of Doritos to derive coordinates.


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If it's used for directional reasons I'd have no problem with it. Something like 'behind the McDonalds' or 'turn off the highway at the Walmart access road.'


If you added 'while there be sure to try their McRib sandwich' or 'I've added discount coupons for the Walmart' there would be problems. A gift card good at Walmart would be fine, as long as you don't go on about how they are better than the adjoining Kmart. Something that reads like an informercial or requires a purchase makes it objectionable.


If at all in doubt just e-mail Jeremy and ask him prior to posting the cache.


erik - geocaching.com adminion

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