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Anyone using FRS radios?

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Does anyone actually do this (as talked about in the faqs)? I never heard about FRS radios before.


Do you have an FRS channel to find out if other Geocachers are in the area?


Yes. The community has decided on channel 2 as the primary and 12 as the alternate FRS (Family Radio Service) channel. FRS radios are longer distance walkie talkies, like the Motorola Talkabout.


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My wife and I use them quite a bit. She doesn't like the longer hike type caches, so she usually waits in the car. We use the radio's to keep in contact so she'll know about how long I'll be and if I'm ok and things. Here is a sample conversation....


Wife..."Will you hurry up? I'm getting tired of

sitting here!"


Me....."What's that honey? Your breaking up. I can't hardly hear you. I'll be right back as soon as I find the cache."




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...my 13 year old son and I use a pair of Motorola T6220's all the time (and not just when GeoCaching).


If you tend to cache alone, you probably won't get a lot of use out of an FRS radio (unless your caches are 'high traffic' and the chances of you bumping into other GeoCachers is high). However, as mentioned in earlier posts, if you cache as a party (more than one person), each person having an FRS radio can be quite handy for any of a number of reasons. Even if you do cache solo, for the small size/light weight/low cost of a typical FRS radio, taking one along and monitoring Ch 2 while cache hunting mightn't be a bad idea regardless ...who knows, you might unexpectedly 'bump into' another GeoCacher on the air.



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Luvzbooks and I got a pair of FRS radios recently. We actually have found them handy while caching (espically for caches near a busy highway, or in irregular terrain where we can not hear each other without facing each other). I've just been wondering if we need to work out some sort of code as to not make any non-cacher that may be monitoring the channel suspicious. Can you imagine:


'What are you reading?'

'53 feet bearing 265 degrees.'

'Is the cache over by that tree?'

'No... I don't see the ammo can.'


Hmmm.... sounds like we are terrorists looking for something we hid in the woods. Considering the state of things today, I can imagine how an uninformed but well intentioned person could panic!


For what it is worth, we've never encountered another cacher on our channel, but we have had non-cachers break in before.

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when she's not expecting me to call. icon_biggrin.gif

She almost fell down a hillside. I didn't need a radio to hear her reply that time!


We used ours last weekend when we needed someone to keep clear a steep, curvy, one-lane access road. They went to the top and we followed when it was clear.


The radios stay on our Camelback shoulder straps always.



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Always have them with me, and use them quite a bit. I go caching with the wife and three year old, when the trail gets rough, or is to difficult, I go ahead while they stay behind. Lets us keep in touch the whole time. Also work great at any event, theme parks, fairs, etc. icon_cool.gif

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I only used a FRS for this cache.It's a 4 stage multi over difficult terrain and each of the preliminary stages gives you two sets of coordinates, one correct and one that sends you off on a wild goose chase. We took a team approach in finding it. One pair would head off to each set of coordinates and we used the FRS to keep in contact. If one party found a dead end, or the next stage we'd relay this info over the radios and regroup for the next stage.


In most other instances, I don't see the need for a FRS on a cache hunt, as I rarely get far away enough from my partner to need one.


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