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tracking and scoring

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It dawned on me, while responding in a different thread that the whole debate over how to track, count, and score caches is being held in the wrong place.


The whole business of competition and scoring should be taken up with Dan Miller, who runs the leaderboard at http://www.insidecorner.com/geocaching/stats/index.cgi


After all, leaderboard is the site that keeps score lists, not geocaching.com


It would solve a lot of problems if the people who wanted competitive geocaching would work with Dan Miller to get that site to score the way they wanted rather than trying to modify this site.


As to tracking, There are a huge number of possible ways to break down the totals posted on our profile pages. We could keep Jeremy busy full time doing nothing but inventing new ways to subdivide and list cache finds. I don't think that's a good use of his time, and I hope most people agree.

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Everyone likes a little competition that is what keeps it going. I am just glad to see that we have a place to log and document our finds now, I think the main emphasis should be on future upkeep on our( monumentation process ), after all that is what we are in the process of doing is it not? I am really still new to the web page but old to( geocaching), My treasures happen to be the Historical Monumentation and future restoration of the original monuments of the PLSS or Public Land Survey System initiated by Thomas Jefferson and still being carried out today. One mans trash is another mans treasure.

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