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what would you do with a big ammo can?


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how big? say 17" x7.5" x14"tall


the three ideas i can up with(geocache related of course) are:

A. make a large library/book trader cache.


B. hide it with a couple smaller containers inside so the next finder(s) also can take one out and hide. but that leads to a lot of questions, like should they have to place one? do they create a page for it? should they report the coords. to me and i have to do it? should the "off sets" even have there own pages???

(this idea would need some work to be used....)


C. hide a moderatly difficult cache with a large first finder prize

or maybe paint up a couple smaller ammo cans and put them in it, so a cacher that needs a container for a cache can have one. (in hopes as newbie thats thinking about placing a cache will use a good container and not gladware icon_eek.gif)


so what would you do? something like above or totally different? icon_confused.gif



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A local Geocacher and I have been talking about using one of these and calling it the Mother of All Caches. We'd chip in to fill it up with fairly expensive and interesting items. The idea is to plant a number of other caches, with partial coordinates, or parts of a code word. Once someone found all the caches, they'd have the coordinates for the MOAC, or have to e-mail one of us for the coordinates. It would be a take something and leave noting cache, so when it was depleted, it would be archived. Perhaps you may want to consider a variation of this idea.


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If it were slightly bigger I'd:


Pack a months worth of MRE rations in there along with myself and scream BOOO! to every cacher who opened it up... icon_wink.gif






"Whad'ya mean you didn't save the location of the truck?..EEEK!!!..."

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i have several 4.5 cubic feet ammo boxes(originally for storing bomb components for the military), that i was thinking of hidding caches in, they are almost to big and heavy to carry out to the locations, my only cache i have hidden weighed about 70 pounds, i had to lash it to my hiking backpack to get it out to the location


i would do like i have done in the past if i had a big ammo can and fill it up with stuff till it cant hold anymore!


oh by the way, i know where you can find some big enough for a person to fit in, if you really like MRE's LOL

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