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Thoughts on marking a cache container

Guest BigDoggie

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Guest BigDoggie

Fresh from finding my first, and thinking about planting a few...


What are people's thoughts on marking the exterior of the cache box itself?


The one I logged was in a plain .30 cal ammo box, unadorned. An excellent container, sturdy & waterproof, but...


A public park... not far off a walking/jogging trail... a suspicious metal box is found, carefully hidden... My safety engineer's mind conjurs up thoughts of bomb squads, robots, and a well thought out cache blown to smithereens by over-zealous police.


Has anyone given any thought to this? One that I saw on TV was stenciled GEOCACHE... would that matter to the cops? How about a nice laminated tag attached to the container?


Or am I just being paranoid?

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Even if it's marked GeoCache, they'll probably blow it up. Think about it... any bomber could make one and label it "GeoCache". My guess is that if it looks menacing and they find it, it's history...

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Guest db8tr

I mark mine with a sharpie marker (permenent on metal). I use the words "GEOCACHE Please do not disturb http://www.geocache.com ". I also always inform the head ranger/overseer of the property I put it on. I let him/her look at the cache before I set it and provide it's placement on a topozone topo map after it has been placed. I too have had visions of seeing my cache being blown to smithereens on the 6:00 news, but I figure I do all I can to prevent it. The ammo cans are just too durable, waterproof and naturally camoflaged to give up using them for a bomb scare.


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Guest tslack2000

That brings up an interesting question for those of that live in Salt Lake City. With the Winter Olympics coming in February, I wonder how anal they will be about stuff like that. With all the attempts made at previous Olympics (including Atlanta) I wonder if that will pose a problem or raise a concern?


I haven't marked the two that I've hidden. However, they're very unlikely to be found by someone who isn't searching for it. And if it is found, the police (or whoever decides it needs to be blown up) are going to have a nice hike first!

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Guest cache_ninja

this is why i usually use something see-through for a container. i also mark with sharpie occasionally, i've noticed though, it often doesn't last..

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Guest BigDoggie

tslack,being from Atlanta, and being a part of the staff of the Atlanta games, here's what I'd say:


If you are within sight of any Olympic venue, event, parade route, village, etc... or any place where large numbers of people will gather, expect the police and other security types to be VERY AGGRESSIVE. Here in Atlanta, the bomb that went off in the park was spotted by security, the area was being cleared and the bomb squad had been notified before it blew up... and that was a backpack, not a metal ordinance canister.


If away from the games sites, you'll probably have LESS THAN AVERAGE police presence.


And if your cache is hidden, as most are, no one will ever know. :-)

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Guest ideology

We usually only mark ours with our logo and cache number, and there have been no problems so far.



Our latest cache, Achilles, was machine made out of delrin by fellow geocacher Dave in the US. It has our logo and the word Microcache machine engraved in the top.




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