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cache for charity?

Guest AOL-Files

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Guest AOL-Files

Just found this site and hope to begin cache finding as soon as my kayak is paid off . . i had an idea, maybe its stupid?


a cache with some stupid thing in it like stickers or something, when you find it take a sticker and leave a donation (spare change, $1, whatever) which can then be collected and given to local charity?


also wondering if there are any limits on where you can place a cache, like can i tie one to a brick and drop it in a lake?

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Guest k2dave

I think it's a good idea - I have one that I work with and now am considering setting one up.


Also yes you can - just make the cache itself sink.




you should give the direction that the rope is running so people can hook it unless it's a scuba cache.


Don't interfere with navatable waterways and keep clear of fishing spots.

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Guest mfratto

I think it's a nice idea, but it would also be a target for theft -- anyone who looked at the geocaching site would know there was a stash of cash out there, and well...I am not one to think the worst of people, but we just had a cache stolen, and I think a bucket of money would be pretty tempting for some people.


Still, that is not to say you shouldn't do it.


Mauri, of Mauri and Mike

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Guest Exocet

Well, assuming people trust ya...


You could simply say that people need to log their visits in the logbook, then, to log their visit on the web site, they need to paypal you $1 or something.


That way, no cash is in the container.


Keep in mind, though, some people are going to immediately jump forward to: but what if people start charging for ...


So you will have to be really, really adamant about how it's for charity, which charity, when it will be donated, your intended donation amount, if you'll match donations (that'd be nice!), etc.


That being said, this is a good idea. If I was doing it, I'd probably say something like, "for every visit to this cache, I'm going to donate $5 to [org/charity]. If you would like to match my donation, please do so via paypal.com." or something.


I say $5, because at $1/visit the cache must be in an urban area to get $20-40 visits in 3-4 months. Otherwise, it ain't going to happen too fast.

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Guest threelanes

3rd Tour de France and one of the most famous survivors of cancer. We're mighty proud of Lance in Austin. The cache only contains a log book, congradulations card to sign for Lance, and envelopes with donor card to mail to the Foundation. Visitors have the option to take an envelope and how much to donate. The donor card has information about Geocaching and places for the donor information for tax records.


So far, traffic has been slow. What do you think?

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