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Anyone notice a degradation of the GPS signal lately?


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I do not know this for sure, it is only a theory of mine. Maybe the Leonids (Asteroids) have something to do with this?

I realize that the biggest part of the shower is over but hey who knows....

Also, as I was reading some older articles about GPS accuracy, I was wondering what is going to happen if the war against Iraq will happen. I presume there could be a governmental temporary fuzzing of the GPS Signals. icon_confused.gif

Any word on that?


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Originally posted by kyleebrock:

I noticed I am not picking up as many satellites. Maybe it's El Nino icon_razz.gif.


Maybe this can help








Here is a PDF message about 2 satellites being out dated 6NOV02.




I got it so bad that I cache my car keys in the house.http://www.garmin.com/graphics/guy.gif


The .pdf does mention possible outages in Florida as well as the Northwest and the New England area. icon_frown.gif




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when I was on vacation in the Ft. Lauderdale area in late Oct I was having all sorts of trouble w/ my GPSr getting and keeping a lock, and the accuracy seemed off too. When I got back here to OH, it was fine, and now I'm having troubles again. I don't know that it's related to the troubles with the sats being out, or if it's just a problem with my GPSr though.

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Originally posted by PilotJosh:

I've noticed issues with both my eTrex handheld, a Garmin 150 which is installed in a plane a fly, and my friend's Garmin 90. It seems the accuracy is being reduced and I am getting inaccurate bearing info..


Maybe I'm crazy.. but has anyone else noticed this?


I've noticed some degradation of the king's english........... icon_rolleyes.gificon_wink.gif

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Even though sats 21 & 22 have died, looking at some recorded data over the past 6 days between Miami & Savannah Beach Georgia there appears not a great amount of difference and still appears the accuracy is within spec (based on this period).


Cheers, Kerry.


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i went caching on wednesday in northern kentucky and on thursday in central kentucky. both days i had horrible readings. they jumped all over the place. i've had my little garmin etrex for 3 months now, and i've never had a problem like this. in fact, i was standing over a cache site with the GPSr on - it told me i was 48 feet away (with 18 foot accuracy). at another cache site (it went unfound) it jumped ALL over the place. very frustrating.


are these the types of problems others are having? what do you guys think of the meteor theory?



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The other day i went out to find a cache and had all kinds of trouble getting my Garmin76 to work right. Turned it off, then back on with no help for at least 10 minutes. Satellite signals were hard to come by and when it did pick up enough signals it would point in the wrong direction. About half way down the trail it came up and worked perfectly!


Magellians, i know what you are thinking, but it has worked good on all our hunts until now. icon_razz.gif

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I dont think that this is the problem but since Dept. of Defense operates the sattelites in the sky. In time of a conflict they will input faults in the system to prevent other countries from attaining accurate readings from civilian GPSs'. Therefore the only accurate GPS will be the military PLGR (precision lightweight GPS receiver). Other countries do not have dependable systems such as the U.S.

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Originally posted by dave and jaime:

kerry, sats 21 and 22 are dead? does the government have any replacement plans in mind and are the replacements compatible with present equipement?


There hasn't been a replacement launched since Jan 2001, as the constellation has been very healthy with a reserve capacity. Actually still can loose a few more before things really get critical. Those extra's certainly are handy but.


The launch of GPS IIR-8 was deferred in late October 2002 due to damage to the launch vehicle and hasn't been rescheduled.


GPS IIR-9 is for Feb 6 2003, IIR-10 April 6 2003 and IIR-11 August 11 2003.


All replacements and future replacements (about 12 of the IIR's modified as IIR-M) will be compatible with existing equipment on L1. Everything should be backward compatible even when the IIR-M's and the IIF's make available civil L2 and latter L5. However to use L2 & L5 I would imagine by then (~2006/8+) there would be some new receivers in the market.


Cheers, Kerry.


I never get lost icon_smile.gif everybody keeps telling me where to go icon_wink.gif

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Yesterday and today we were out and about with the GPS and had horrible time yesterday for a few hours. Then it straightened up a bit, enough to mark a few spots with confidence. This was in Gatlinburg area.


Today , Not a happy caching day. Around Norris Dam, seemed to have a better lock, but still not up to the accuracy that we've come to expect from our etrex......

We were after 2 caches - found neither (one due to *whatever* and the other area closed for hunting. Dammit. Found a benchmark though, so that's something....... Dammit. But, we had our first snow flurries of the season.



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has actually been getting a much better signal the last two weeks, but mainly that's due to almost all the leaves being down now, and since the weather has been moderate (30s-50s) no troublesome air inversions either...


It feels good to actually know where I am for a change... *g* icon_biggrin.gif


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Just a note, we hit 7 caches yesterday and had no problems at all with reception. My Garmin locked on in less than a minute while going down the highway at 55 mph, after being turned off for a week and turning back on 70 miles away from the last time i used it. Not sure why I had so many problems receiving last Saturday. Maybe meteor shower, maybe sunspots,, I have no idea!!!

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