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Geocache International Picnic


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I don't know if anyone's come up with this allready, cause I wasn't quite sure what to search for, but I'd just like to see if anyone had any comments on the following idea...


Every year, the Amaetur Radio Relay League community holds an event all across america called Field Day. Not only is it a great time for Amateur Radio enthusiasts to get together and meet eachother, but it's also a competition of sorts. You try to make contacts with as many people as possible.


In my opinion, we could possibly adapt this to geocaching.


I know that in following suit with the views and opinions of TPTB it couldn't be a competition, but how bout a nationwide geocaching picnic type thing. Cachers could get together and hang out in parks and places with caches near by and just sort of picnic and cache occasionaly, and as part of a public awareness type thing, cachers could be around to explain the hobby to others and maybe take them on a little demonstration of how to use GPS and help them make it to a nearby cache. I think it would be really cool. And if TPTB would allow it, make the day sort of a Cacheoff, seeing who can log the most finds in one day. All in all, it would just be a fun event for cachers to meet other cachers, and to know that thousands of others like themselves are hanging out in a park like their just talking geocaching. And it would be awesome for public awareness. So what's everyone's opinions on this idea? Or ideas of your own on a nation/worldwide geocaching picnic day thingy?



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A cool idea. We could have a national cacher day...saythe 3rd Saturday every June (just an example).


What would be really cool is to have a convention every year in different parts of the country so all would have a chance to attend at least one. I vote the 1st convention in NC. icon_biggrin.gif


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We are planning our second annual event of this type for Texas. Here is the first one. Usmorrows, 9Key, & Moosiegirl really did an excellent job planning this competition. Near or just over 100 people participated and I wouldn't be surprised if twice that number show on March 13, 2004.


That's as good a starting point as any if you want to organize something international for that weekend.




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Originally posted by Woodsters Outdoors:

Conventions would be cool. You could get companies to sponsor it like the GPS manufacturers, backpack companies, and etc. The companies who's products are used widely in the geocaching community. Let them display products, new products and teach mini classes on things about their products and how to use them and etc.





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Ugh, this topic keeps getting LOST, stranded somewhere for a lone geocacher like myself to find it. Anyway, still looking for more opinions on this. I've gotten a few emails about people thinking this was a cool idea, but how about input from Jeremy, or anyone on the staff....



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I am always up for a party! Let me know when it gets set. I can help organize/recruit helpers in this area. I just attended our annual Realtor Trade show. Those can be a good way for people to learn about new products and such, but are very expensive to set up. Picnics are much more fun. So getting a sponsor or two for a worldwide picnic would probably go over with the sponsors better than one single event where not very many people might attend.



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I hate to keep trying to bump this topic but it's necessairy, I know that most topics don't get read unless they're in about the top ten or fifteen. I'd just like people's opinions, I know I'd probably like to get a few more finds under my belt before I even started thinking about organizing this, but I dunno, I can put together a few rough ideas (that's me, the ideas man, I don't take charge and put the ideas into place though.)


Anyway, I'd like to start a private topic with anyone who's interested, and hopefully, get a few rough plans, after that, we'll get another private topic with even more people and then, we'll just eventually start going public. I think this idea could work out, just if someone could help me take the lead.


So, who's up for a good ole private topic?



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Look at the first international Cache-in, Trash-out Day (Earth Day, generally, in April of 2003) for an example of a coordinated effort involving dozens of separate events. Read about it in the CITO forum.


That mega-event concentrated on benefitting the environment where we play our game (with an incidental side benefit of building better relations with land managers, not to mention all the fun everyone had). There is nothing getting in the way of a similar coordinated series of events for "Geocaching Day" just to advance public awareness of our activity.


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Like I said, I'll start a private topic soon reguarding this all, and we can get ideas and get a rough idea for it. After which we can start putting together a better idea and hopefully getting everything put together. However, I would like to try and get a staff member in on this private topic, just as sort of a liason between us and Jeremy/TPTB.



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I'll pass along the info to the Geocaching Hampton Roads VA group, so you can add me to the private topic. (never been in one before though, so bear with me)



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I've decided that the competition part may or may not be dropped (gunna take a vote) but anyway, I'm gunna go ahead and start the private topic for now, and hopefully get a plan to present to Jeremy and see if he has any ideas. Anyone who requested to help expect an email on the private topic soon...



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