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Whats the most creative use of a GPS?

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I found the answers in the forum What do you use your GPS for? that I felt we needed to determine which of the answers was the most creative.


Creative means whatever it means to you. It isn't necesarily the most useful thing, the most ingenious, the most time-saving, or the funniest. It means whatever YOU think it means. (other then geocaching of course, which is obviously the BEST use... )here are your choices.


Caching with a 5 year old: takes twice as long, and is twice as satisifying (or aggrevating depending on your POV)


The faster you go, the worse your reception is.


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Just took a flight from Jacksonville to Norfolk, VA. It was kinda neat getting my GPS to register the speed of the airplane. My max speed in my Vista is now showing 513 mph!


"I am umbilically connected to the temperate zone. It's brought me life. It's brought me love, I never have outgrown"----J. Buffett

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A GPS receiver and a stopwatch can be used to accurately measure the height of a tall building.

To do it, go to the top of the building. Reset the stopwatch.

Reach out and gently drop the GPS receiver over the side of the building, so that it will fall unobstructed all the way to the ground. As you drop the GPSR, start the stopwatch. Watch the GPSR fall, and when it strikes the ground, stop the stopwatch. The altitude of the building can be computed using the formula H = 16*t*t, where the time t is measured in seconds, and the height H is given in feet. Fans of the metric system can use H = 4.9 * t * t, with t in seconds and H in meters.


Heavy, compact GPSRs (e.g. GPS V) will have a higher ballistic coefficient and thus will give more accurate results than a bulky, light unit like a GPSMAP 76s or an etrex.

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