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I have decided to get a basic PDA and due to the fact I have some Sony Memory sticks for my digital camera, I think I'm going to get a Sony Clie. I'm having trouble picking between the S360 and the SL10. From what I can tell, the S360 has 16m RAM, 160x160 resolution and goes for around $150. The SL10 has 8m RAM 320x320 resolution and sells for $105 (Amazon has a $25 rebate). I will use the Clie for name and address storage mostly, will probably end up loading caches into it but don't see my self using it on a daily basis as an appointment book or anything like that. Does anyone out there have one of these units and can make a recommendation between the two? Or can recommend another low end Clie





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If you plan on becoming (or already are) a charter member, and using the pocket queries, get the higher rez. model. MobiPocket has a version specifically for the high-rez screen of the CLIE.



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I don't own either of those models, but I do have a T615C, and am quite happy with it. I think I've seen prices running in the $200's lately, so its not quite as inexpensive as your current choices.


If you're only going to be using it for text-based stuff (datebook, contacts), then the lower resolution one would be fine. But since you have a digital camera, you may want to consider the higher resolution Clie. I've been loading pictures onto a memory stick, and showing them to people on my Clie; everyone who has seen it has been impressed with both the quality of the image as shown on the Clie, as well as the idea of showing pics on a gadget (and personally, I think its a lot easier to carry my Clie around when showing pictures, rather than a bulky envelope of pics from Wal-Mart or Eckerd.)


The one good thing about the Clies is the memory stick option. Thanks to having a memory stick, I have all the normal Palm OS programs, several drug and medical reference programs, games, and my geocaching & vacation pictures all together, and still haven't run out of memory.



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