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Geocaching With Pets

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I like to take one of my three dogs on caching hunts. Sometimes they can be really annoying, like always trying to take off or pulling you where they want to go, or they can be good, like actually finding the cache! My question is, do you have any pets that you take to hunts, and how has the experience been. :^)






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I usually take my Basset Hound "Harley" on my cache hunts. He likes being out in the woods, and usually doesn't cause any problems. The only difficutly is that he tends to pick up ticks, but then again, so do I.


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We have a 7 month old German Shepherd pup (all 75 lbs of him!) that we take unless we know it's going to be a particularly "challenging" hunt. Basically we just keep him out of exceptionally rocky areas or areas we know he's not allowed. Other than that he goes with us.


Like rocker51 says.. all i have to do is pick up my keys and he's ready to go!


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Seriously, I take my two brats with me for geocaching adventures whenever I can. When scoping out a cache, the first thing I always try to figure out is whether or not the trail/area is dog-friendly. If it is AND it entails at least a moderate walk/hike, then we go for it. If it's only a short walk or a cache-and-dash, we still go for it but usually as an add-on hunt after doing a more vigorous one.


"No-dogs-allowed" caches are usually placed at the bottom of my list but I do seek them out when taking friends or newbies along.


My dogs' love for adventure and the outdoors definitely make them the perfect geocaching companions. They don't argue about what to leave or take in the cache though they do love to stick their noses in the container. I just have to make sure that we go for long hikes when it's not too hot and I always have to account for extra bottles water (and let's not forget the dog treats) in my backpack.


And if you come across a cache with a picture of a couple of huskies in it, then chances are we've been there.... icon_biggrin.gif

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I usually enjoy caching with Darby the Wonder Pup. There have been a few exceptions, however. One of which is my May 11 visit to this cache. The pup snapped her retractible lead and ran off into the woods chasing birds, squirrels, fish, sasquatch, etc.


I almost thought that I was going to have to go home and explain to Cathy that she was gone. Luckily, she wandered back to me, wet and stinky (both of us), after about an hour in the woods.


I upgraded to the elephant-size retractible lead after this one and all has gone pretty well. I don't get how they rate these leads. The pup weighs about 65 pounds, yet she snapped a lead rated at 110 pounds.


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Walzuhair references camels. Well, I was driving out from a back road in Wisconsin and am used to seeing a few lamas here and there. I come across what I thought was a huge lama but upon further review, was a camel! On a farm, of course.


I sometimes take Kanook, the Husky you see on the left, with me. Saturday we came across a fellow riding his horse on the trail. Kanook didn't know what to do. To him it was the biggest doggie he ever saw!


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Unless I know an area is not dog friendly for whatever reason or has tick warnings, I usually take my one or the other of my Borzoi Geocaching. If they see me gathering up my Geocaching Gear and my hiking boots, they are racing to the door. They enjoy hiking and I enjoy having company especially when my Geocaching friend can't join me. It does help that both of my dogs are obedience trained and walk quietly on a leash (unless of course they see little furry beasties-i.e. chipmunks-they are sighthounds after all) and they can be place in a sit or down-stay if need be if the Geocache container isn't in an open area or is in a rocky area. The sit-stay and down-stay commands also come in very handy when I want to check out the cache container and read and sign the log book. I can't imagine hiking or living with a big dog who is not obedience trained in at least the basic commands. Sure makes Geocaching with my dogs a pleasure, not a hassle. Caching with my Borzoi is one of my favorite pastimes.



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