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Idea for a cache container.

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But would it be water proof? I'm thinking not.


If there is a way to make sure the container is in a dry place or is oriented so water can't get in, then it should be okay.


The primary thing to remember is how well the container protects it's contents. I've seen container that aren't waterproof, but are attached in such a way that water couldn't get in and they were fine.


Hell, if nothing else, try it and see.

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I just love container theme threads. It gives me great ideas and it inspires me to think of more cache container ideas.


Not quite a Thermos, but still sticking with a cylinder theme, how about using a tennis ball container? It's made of plastic and has a lid on it to keep the contents water proof. I saw one like that up in the Central Sierra's of California.


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"To me, Geocaching is the thrill of the hunt and going to neat places (you might not go otherwise); it's NOT what you actually find in a cache."


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If you take the insides out, I think you're also removing the watertight seal. If you leave the "insides" intact, you have a fairly large container, with relatively little room for contents.


I think there are much better choices for a cache container.


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