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Originally posted by Blackshoe:

Yep. School night. And I also have to watch the Darlington race. I'm definitely enthusiastic, but not yet obsessed! icon_biggrin.gif


Blackshoe Clan is fixin' to cache in!

Give it another find or two, you'll be addicted.


Just because you're paranoid DOESN'T mean they're not ALL out to get you.

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Originally posted by Woodyk:

I found my first one today. I showed the web site to my wife and all the cacches around our area and she is up for going along with me. But we will limit ourselves to 1 or 2 a weekend.


Had alot of fun. Already thinking of where I could place a cache.


Ya, it's starts with one or two. Then you are mainlining T.B.s and snorting little plastic toys.


smiles_63.gif ---Real men cache in shorts.

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First it was 'just a couple'....then it was an 18 cache day in Vancouver, and going out to get a "quick 5" before work. Batteries have a whole new purpose now! It's NOT about the numbers, really it's not! I can leave the GPS at home, just watch me. Sure honey, we can go out for just a hike....what's that in my pocket? No, that's not a cache printout. That's not Tupperware you smell on me! icon_wink.gif



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