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what happens to old log books?


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I have a cache whose logbook is nearly full, and I've been wondering what I should do ... add a new logbook and leave the old one for a while, or leave both in there permanently, or just swap them out. Maybe some of the more prolific cache placers (hi, mtn-man!) will have a good answer.



Scott Johnson (ScottJ)

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It's not something I've ever thought about, but in recollection, it seems to me that most cache owners simply replace the book.


I guess it would be kinda nice to keep the old book in the cache, though, or, if you have time, type it all up and upload it to the site.



An it harm none, do what ye will

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I know of at least two logbooks that were turned into travel bugs and are roaming the country. Here's the link to the Bright Sea Geo-Log Bug. I believe the same owner has turned the logbook from his other archived cache into a Travel Bug, as well.


My daughter and I had visited the Bright Sea cache, so it was sort of amusing to come across the logbook as a travel bug in a cache I visited months later.


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Originally posted by '68 Dodger:

Why doesn't somebody make a "log Book Cache" ?


Mtn-man started one out that way ... I think it was "Water Wheel". Original contents were a dozen or so homemade logbooks. Neat idea, there are probably a dozen or so caches around with his logbooks in them now! icon_smile.gif



Scott Johnson (ScottJ)

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I have a small cache out there that can really only hold one logbook. The last time I checked on it, I placed a new logbook inside. I wrote the names and dates for the FTF, STF, and TTF on the first page of the new book. This was a compromise - some of the history stays with the cache, but not a lot of space is used. icon_smile.gif


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It's on my desk. I read it sometimes when I wish I was in the woods like my cache and not in a windowless box in front of a PC....

It was cool to read the entries of people who did not post on line. Someone found my cache on Dec 31, 2000 at 1159PM (yes, drinking champagne).

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Living in the pacific northWET, I'm currently in the process of doing periodic cache maintenance to dry everything out. I'm finding that all my non-ammo-can caches wind up with soggy log books, I suppose due to the ziploc holding the log not being sealed correctly so they're not things I'd put back into a newly dryed out cache.


I just replace the log books and try to remember to note the first finder and the date on the new book, but I suppose the first finder's normally pretty easy to get from the web site.


I was reading through some of the recovered log books last night, and was surprised to be very re-energized by seeing people's words in handwriting. That doesn't come across in logs online.


I know I'll be writing more and typing less when I have future finds....



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